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The Reactive Revolution at SpringOne Platform 2019 (part 2/N)

Last year right in the middle of SpringOne Platform 2018, I posted the first post in this series, _ The Reactive Revolution at SpringOne Platform 2018 (part 1/N)_, which looked at some of the big features we’d just dropped at SpringOne Platform 2018. I wanted to follow up and revisit that blog and the concepts I’d introduced last year, and show just how far we’ve come in the intervening year. TL;DR: things are much easier!


Last year, we announced our work on trying to support a standard for reactive SQL data access with a new project called R2DBC. Traditional approaches to SQL data access on the JVM, like JDBC, are blocking APIs. They monopolize threads to do their work and negate the scalability benefits of a reactive platform like Spring. We wanted to improve that situation for developers so we built R2DBC. R2DBC has now been out in the public for more than a year and was developed internally for about as long internally before that. We’ve just reached the 0.0.8 release. We’re nearing a GA release. I’m not sure when, but I reckon we’ll have a majority of the features most developers need in a possibly GA, but-not-yet-1.0, release. Things like stored procedures might be released later.


This Week in Spring - October 22nd, 2019

Hi, Spring fans! What a week! I’ve just returned from Prague, the Czech Republic, where I was for the epic Geecon Prague 2019 event. (Thanks for voting my talk on Reactive Spring the #1 talk, Prague!). Now I’m in Nantes, France, the DevFest Nantes show. I’d never been to Prague and I’ve never been to Nantes. So how’s that for cool first-time appearances in one week? I’ll be speaking about testing here. Tonight I fly to Paris, Fr, for customer meetings. Then I fly on Thursday to St. Petersburg, Russia, for the Joker conference, where I’ll be presenting on testing and I’ll be co-presenting with Spring co-founder, my friend, and hero, the one, the only, the amazing and inimitable, a veritable font of kindness and wisdom, Juergen Hoeller! Then, on the 27th, I fly to Chicago. It’s shaping up to be quite the week!


Spring Cloud Stream - functional and reactive

In the previous post, I tried to provide justification for our shift to a functional programming model in Spring Cloud Stream (SCSt). It’s less code, less configuration. Most importantly, though, your code is completely decoupled and independent from the internals of SCSt.

In this post, I’ll dig a little deeper and summarize the core features of our functional support, specifically around its reactive features.

IMPORTANT: Anything you can do with @StreamListener/@EnableBinding you can also do without it. In other words, the functional support is now feature-compatible with the annotation-based support.


Simple Event Driven Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream

Event driven architecture is great. But without a framework, writing the scaffolding required to work with popular event messaging platforms can be messy. In this post we’ll take a look at how Spring Cloud Stream can be used to simplify your code.

The Problem

You just want to write logic for your event driven application, but the boilerplate messaging code can get in the way. Connecting your apps to messaging services is tricky, and if you’re an enterprise developer, you probably need to work with multiple messaging technologies (either on-premises or in the cloud).


This Week in Spring - October 14th, 2019

Hi, Spring fans! WHEW! What a week! Last week was the insane SpringOne Platform 2019 event, from which I am still recovering! Then I flew home, hosted Spring team member and Micrometer lead and friend Tommy Ludwig in San Francisco, and prepared to fly out for meetings and user group appearances on Monday (in Stuttgart, Germany) and Tuesday (in Amsterdam).

I prepared, and got into the Uber going to San Francisco airport when I got a call from my brother saying my 81-year-old dad wasn’t doing well (thanks to everyone for the well-wishes!) and was rushed to the hospital. I had to, regretfully, cancel my live appearances in those countries. I am SO sorry for those I disappointed. I was very happy to be able to do a few of those meetings remotely. Thanks to everyone who indulged me and supported me as I flew to Los Angeles to be with my father.


Spring Cloud Stream - demystified and simplified

This is the first post in a series of blog posts meant to clarify and preview what’s coming in the upcoming releases of spring-cloud-stream and spring-cloud-function (both 3.0.0).

Recently, I had a discussion with a user and heard something that prompted me to begin a series of blog posts (starting with this one) with the goal of both demystifying the true goals of Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Function projects as well as demonstrating their new features.

Spring Integration Wrapper?

The specific phrase that prompted all this was - "Spring Cloud Stream, being a light Spring Integration input/output router…”. That’s an interesting perception, but I have to disagree. While it may have been inspired by Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and builds on top of Spring Integration (SI), that last part is really just an implementation detail. Spring Cloud Stream (SCSt) as a framework was never about “being a light Spring Integration input/output router”. In fact, this statement shows part of the problem, where SI (the framework of choice to support some of the internal requirements of SCSt) was somehow perceived to be the core of SCSt in such way that many perceive SCSt to be an extension or a wrapper to SI. It is not. It has always been about pure microservices and binding them to sources and targets of data (i.e., messaging systems) . Simple as that.
If you abstract yourself far enough from knowing the internals of SCSt, you quickly realize that it is really a binding and activation framework. It binds a piece of code (provided by the user) to source/target of data exposed by the binder and activates such code according to binder implementation (for example, message arrival and so on). That is pretty much it.


This Week in Spring (SpringOne Platform 2019 edition) - October 8th, 2019

It’s here it’s finally here! My favorite time of the year! Happy SpringOne Platform week! This week I’m in amazing Austin, TX talking to anybody who wants to about all things Spring. There have been a ton of amazing things announced at this show but one thing I’ve been excited to share with y’all is that we just announced the new Azure Spring Cloud runtime. (More on that in the links below)

I’ve been busy! I’m doing one talk with Microsoft on Azure Spring Cloud, and another with Okta / Google on simplifying the dev lifecycle. Also, I’m hosting the keynote tomorrow morning. So much to do, so little time!