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This Week in Spring - June 4, 2019

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m in…. I’m home! Look at that! I’m home for the epic SpringOne Tour San Francisco event. I’m super excited to be here in this amazing weather with an amazing community. It’s been a busy week though! Last week I returned from Spain for my kid’s graduation, and I am still so so proud. Tomorrow I fly to Cork, Ireland for the Cork JUG and then it’s off to London for a wedding. So, lot of travel, but a bit of a lighter load :-)


Introducing Spring Cloud App Broker

We recently announced the general availability of Spring Cloud Services 3.0, which involved a major redesign of the previous architecture used in that project. As detailed in the related blog post, Spring Cloud Services has moved to the latest versions of Spring Framework and Spring Boot, and is now built on a Reactive programming model and Spring WebFlux. Two key components of this redesign are offered as open source Spring Cloud projects.

The first project is Spring Cloud Open Service Broker. This project has been available for some time; however, the recent 3.0.0 release has itself been redesigned to incorporate a Reactive programming model and updated to support Spring WebFlux.


This Week in Spring - May 28, 2019

Hi Spring fans! What a week it’s been since we last spoke! I was in Zurich, Switzerland; then Paris, France; then Minsk, Belarus; and now I’m in Barcelona, Spain for the epic JBCN show. I’ve recorded a few episodes for the podcast (✅), gave a talk (✅) and now have a workshop to deliver on Wednesday (✅). Fun week by the beach! Don’t worry about me, I’ll pull through..

Spring en la primavera

….And I’m not going anywhere until Thursday when I’ll fly home to San Francisco, USA to see our kid graduate middle school! I’m so proud of her. What a legend.


This Week in Spring - May 21, 2019

Hi Spring fans! It’s been quite a crazy week! I was in Spring I/O last week in Barcelona, Spain and there was a deluge of interesting news to come out of the show! I loved the show - a sort of mini SpringOne - and am chomping at the bit to see what comes next. I’m now beginning a small tour starting in Zurich, Switzerland; then I’m off to the paradise-like Paris, France for the epic SpringOne Tour event there, then I’m off to Minsk, Belarus; then off to Barcelona, Spain for JBCN, and then - finally - home for the middle school graduation of my kid at the end of the month. So much exciting stuff culminating in an even more exciting event, I can hardly stand it!