A Bootiful Podcast: Building China-scale Infrastructure at Alibaba with Spring Cloud, Rsocket, and more

Hi, Spring fans! In this installment Josh Long (@starbuxman) talks to friends - Mercy Ma (马昕曦), Andy Shi (施孜海), and Jim Fang (方剑) - from Alibaba. These engineers work on Spring Cloud Alibaba, some of the open source infrastructure coming out of Alibaba designed to support Spring applications running at Alibaba, and more.

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Spring Tips: RSocket and Spring Security

Hi, Spring fans! In this first installment of Spring Tips season 7, we look at how to lock down RSocket services with Spring Security.

By Josh Long (@starbuxman)

Hi, Spring fans! In this installment, we look at using Spring Security and RSocket together. RSocket is a payload and platform agonostic wire protocol developed by engineers at Netflix and Facebook that supports the Reactive Streams concepts on the wire. The protocol is a stateful-connection centric protocol: a requester node connects and stays connected to another responder node. Once connected, either side can transmit information at any time. Connections are multiplexed, meaning one connection can handle multiple requests. RSocket is designed from the ground up to support propagating out-of-band information like headers and service health information, in addition to the payloads themselves. So, one user may use the connection with one service, or multiple users may use the same connection.

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Announcing Spring Cloud Stream Horsham.SR2 (3.0.2.RELEASE) and Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR2

We are pleased to announce the release of the Spring Cloud Stream Horsham.SR2 (3.0.2.RELEASE) release train which is available as part of Spring Cloud Hoxton.SR2 (just released) and builds on Spring Boot 2.2.4 and Spring Cloud Function 3.0.2.RELEASE which was also just released.

Spring Cloud Stream Horsham.SR2 modules are available for use in the Maven Central repository.

This release contains several fixes and enhancements primarily driven by user’s feedback, so thank you.
For more details please follow these links:
- Spring Cloud Stream Core
- Spring Cloud Stream Core Rabbit Binder
- Spring Cloud Stream Core Kafka Binder
- Spring Cloud Function

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This Week in Spring - February 18th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m off to sunny Atlanta, Georgia, for the epic Devnexus show there. If you’re there, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi! I’m also busy recording new episodes of a Bootiful Podcast and new Spring Tips videos videos. We have some amazing guests on the show coming up and we have some really fascinating topics to introduce in our Spring Tips videos, too!

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This Week in Spring - February 11th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to yet another installment of This Week in Spring! It’s been a very nice week indeed. I’ve been knee-deep in finishing my book, writing more code to support the A Bootiful Podcast production pipeline, and meeting amazing people in the new VMWare organization, and beyond. I’ve also been working on some new Spring Tips videos - what would you like to see covered, my friends?

We’ve got a lot of good stuff this week, so let’s get to it!

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This Week in Spring - February 4th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! I just finished spending a wonderful afternoon with customers and now I’m pouring through all the wonderful new content for this week. As usual, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it!

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This Week in Spring - January 28th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! How’re things, my friends? Can you believe we’re already nearly at the end of January? I have been knee-deep in code and coffee for these last several days and I’m running late for a meeting so, without further ado, let’s get to it!

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