SpringOne2GX 2013 Replay: Inside Cloud Foundry - An Architectural Review

News | Chloe Jackson | November 08, 2013 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.

Speakers: Dekel Tankel - Pivotal, Christophe Levesque -AppDirect, Scott Motte - Sendgrid

Inside Cloud Foundry: An Architectural Review Cloud Foundry makes it easy to push an app, bind services to it, and scale it. Cloud Foundry takes care of the all the infrastructure and network plumbing that you need to run your applications and can do this while patching and updating systems and services without any downtime. This session will provide a deep technical tour of the architecture behind the latest version of Cloud Foundry that makes all this possible and will provide insights for anyone interested in large scale distributed systems.

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Spring eXchange Nov 14-15, London

News | Chloe Jackson | November 06, 2013 | ...

Are you interested in the latest on Spring Framework 4 and Java 8, Web Socket architectures, running Spring applications that fit in a tweet with Spring Boot, tackling big data complexity with Spring XD, rich client apps with Spring and AngularJS and lots more?

With the dust settling on SpringOne2GX 2013, you have a great opportunity to catch up on all the great new project announcements and speak directly to the developers and the community that made them happen at the London Spring eXchange 14th -15th November.

Spring Exchange is a two-day conference bringing together the UK Spring…

SpringOne2GX2013 Replay: Spring and Web Content Management

News | Chloe Jackson | October 31, 2013 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2013 in Santa Clara, CA.

Speakers: Daniel Lipp and Tobias Mattsson, Magnolia

Want Spring seamlessly available inside a CMS? How about being able to integrate existing Spring apps into your CMS without rewriting a bunch of code? What about a robust CMS solution for Grails? Meet Magnolia, a mature open source CMS written in Java on the best of the Java stack (including Spring and Groovy.) This session will introduce Magnolia's Spring integration and give you a tour of its architecture, key features and use. Along the way, you'll also get insights into the development of Magnolia's Spring integration, an overview of Magnolia's key features (like workflows, innovative multi-channel support and a damn fine user experience that includes touch devices), and brief tutorials on solving some key content management challenges faced by Spring developers. There will also be a quick detour into Magnolia's Groovy shell and MagLev, a Grails plugin for Magnolia.

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Webinar Replay: Bringing Spring Apps to the Web at the US Navy

News | Chloe Jackson | October 29, 2013 | ...

The US Navy needed a new content management system, but didn't want to re-implement their existing applications or abandon their investment in Spring and Grails.

What they needed was a CMS that let developers use their existing Spring skills to easily bring the Navy's applications to the web.

Campbell-Ewald, the Navy's digital agency, found that the best solution was Magnolia, an enterprise open source Java CMS that offers a unique Spring integration called Blossom.

In this recorded webinar, Campbell-Ewald Solutions Architect Matt Dertinger provides an overview of the requirements, challenges, tools and solutions for the project.

After this, Magnolia Senior Software Engineer Tobias Mattsson shows how Blossom lets developers extend Magnolia CMS and integrate existing Spring applications by writing ordinary Spring code. Learn more about Magnolia CMS and Blossom, including information on upcoming webinars and Blossom presentations. Also, check out Magnolia's latest Spring Tech Brief on Adding Enterprise Content Management to Spring with Blossom.

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Webinar Replay: What You Can Do With Hadoop: Building Big Data Applications with Hadoop & Spring

News | Chloe Jackson | October 29, 2013 | ...

Speakers: Nikesh Shah, Mark Fisher, James Williams

At Pivotal we are bringing 2 open source projects together -- Hadoop and the very rapid and widely used Spring Java application development framework to help Big Data Applications. While Hadoop is proving to be the defacto foundation for storing and processing data, real-world scenarios require much more. Millions of developers are already using Spring to create high performing, easily testable, reusable code without any lock-in. Adding Spring into the Hadoop equation we take out the complexity of building big data applications. In this month's webinar we will explore how Spring XD (Xtreme Data) is addressing Big Data Application needs such as: High throughput distributed data ingestion into HDFS from a variety of input sources. Real-time analytics at ingestion time, e.g. gathering metrics and counting values. Hadoop workflow management via batch jobs. High throughput data export, e.g. from HDFS to a RDBMS or NoSQL database. This is a can't miss presentation for anyone wanting to understand design, configuration and deployment of Hadoop-powered applications.

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Webinar Replay: Modern Component Design with Spring

News | Chloe Jackson | October 29, 2013 | ...

Speaker: Juergen Hoeller

In recent years, the Spring Framework focuses on flexible and powerful Java-based configuration. This talk presents Spring as an annotation-oriented application framework, illustrating the rich set of features that Spring has to offer for modern component design. General component model trends will be discussed along with selected Spring feature highlights, such as standardized annotations for dependency injection, stereotypes, and declarative services such as validation and scheduling.

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Spring Data Release Train Babbage - SR1 released

News | Oliver Drotbohm | October 25, 2013 | ...

The Spring Data team has just released the first service release for the Babbage release train. It includes the following modules:

The release bundles a bunch of important enhancements and bug fixes and is a recommended upgrade. You can find all issues fixed in this release in our JIRA.

The next step will be a first milestone of the Codd release train with a few great new features, especially for the MongoDB module. More details about that here

Webinar Replay: Building WebSocket Browser Applications with Spring

News | Chloe Jackson | October 23, 2013 | ...

Speaker: Rossen Stoyanchev

Slides: https://github.com/rstoyanchev/webinar-websocket-spring

Code: https://github.com/rstoyanchev/spring-websocket-portfolio

So, you've written a "Hello world!" WebSocket application or perhaps even a chat sample. You're able to exchange messages even in pre-Servlet 3.1 containers and pre-IE 10 browsers (that don't yet support WebSocket) thanks to the SockJS protocol and Spring's support for it. However a message is a blank page that can have any content. Whatever message format you choose, proprietary or standard, both client and server need to understand it as well as distinguish different kinds of messages. You need support for the publish-subscribe pattern central to messaging applications so you can broadcast messages to one or more subscribers. You need to incorporate security, validation, and so on. In short you need to build a real-world application. If you're used to web applications (and Spring MVC annotated controllers) you are familiar with the foundation that HTTP provides including URLs (nouns), HTTP methods (verbs), headers, parameters, and others. Imagine building an application without HTTP, just a socket. WebSocket gives you this brand new, exciting capability -- full duplex, two-way communication -- yet you no longer have an application-level protocol. Can an entire application be built around a single Endpoint class processing all messages, assuming a single WebSocket connection between browser and server? Join Rossen Stoyanchev as he demonstrates that, thankfully, the WebSocket protocol has a built-in sub-protocol mechanism.

!{iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mmIza3L64Ic" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen}{/iframe}

SpringOne2GX 2013 Day 2 Keynote

News | Chloe Jackson | October 23, 2013 | ...

Recorded at SpringOne 2GX 2013 live in Santa Clara, CA.

Speakers: Adrian Colyer, Graeme Rocher, Michael Minella, Mark Fisher, Mark Pollack

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Nov 21st Webinar: Have You Seen Spring Lately?

News | Pieter Humphrey | October 16, 2013 | ...

Speaker: Josh Long

It's been an amazing year for Spring! 2013 saw the Spring family join Pivotal where - along with Cloud Foundry and our data driven technologies (the Pivotal HD Hadoop distribution, the GemFire data grid, and the RabbitMQ message broker) - Spring supports today's application workloads and profiles. Today's Spring embraces Java 8, Scala, Groovy, provides a best-in-class REST stack, supports the open web, mobile applications, big-data applications and batch workloads. Today's Spring is easy to get started with, easy to learn, and embraces conventions over configuration. Today's Spring is part of the Spring.IO platform. Today's Spring is...Pivotal. Join Spring developer advocate Josh Long as he re-introduces you to today's Spring, a Spring you may not have seen yet.

Tuesday, November 21


3:00pm GMT (London, GMT)

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10:00am PST (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

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