This Year in Spring - 25 December, 2012

News | Josh Long | December 25, 2012 | ...

Welcome back to another, very special holiday, and end-of-year installment of This Week in Spring! If you've been a follower of this roundup, then you know that 2012's been a very exciting year for Spring! Let's look at some of the highlights, first, before we get to our weekly roundup:

  1. Springing Forward Of course, this year saw the release of Spring 3.2, released a year exactly from the release of Spring 3.1, packed with new features and helping Spring retain its position as the premiere platform for building web applications. This year also saw many major improvements and iterations in the other Spring projects like Spring Integration 2.2.0 GA, Spring Data
  2. The Cloud Spring works very well on all cloud platforms, owing to the natural decoupling from the underlying platform that dependency injection provides, but it has always - and continues - to enjoy a special place in the sun on Cloud Foundry, the open source PaaS. And, what a year it's been for Cloud Foundry! We've seen ecosystem partners like App Fog take the Cloud Foundry bits and run with them. We've seen the support for Spring applications on Cloud Foundry improve considerably with new features like standalone processes, and much more.
  3. The RESTful Web If you ask me, the most exciting part of this year was watching Spring's web support improve. If you're looking to build a web application (including in a Servlet 3 environment) or expose RESTful API endpoints, Spring MVC is the natural choice. If you want secure those RESTful endpoints, Spring Security OAuth is an easy to use binding that supports OAuth on top of REST. Need to connect to social service providers like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and GitHub via OAuth? Use Spring Social. Want to support the principles of HATEOAS in your RESTful endpoints? Check out Spring HATEOAS. Do you want to transparently and easily expose Spring Data repositories for use as RESTful endpoints? You need look no further than Spring Data REST. There are no richer, more comprehensive or more integrated set of solutions for building rich, RESTful web applications than those that Spring provides today.
  4. Git'ing Involved This year, in particular, saw community interaction in the Spring open source projects skyrocket, now that all of the projects are all fully on Spring and the other projects have always been open source, but the collaboration model that Git enables has made it very easy for projects like Spring Social, Spring Integration, and Spring Data to thrive on community input and contributions.
  5. Extending the reach of SpringSource's content We've been working hard to bring great content on all things SpringSource to all the developers, and have expanded a lot this year. For instance, besides publishing content here on, did you know that you can find SpringSource on @SpringSource on Twitter, +SpringFramework on Google+, on the YouTube SpringSourceDev channel and (this is particularly useful for the many fans in China) on SpringFramework on SINA Weibo? Additionally, if you like this roundup, be sure to bookmark the This Week in Spring aggregate page.

Now then, on to this week's roundup! There's a lot to cover, and hopefully you wont want for things to read this week if you're taking time off for the holidays and have some spare time on your hands!

	 <LI> If you've been following this roundup, then you know that we wrapped up our SpringOnes India and China events. For more details,  <a href="">checkout our wrapup post</a>!</LI>
	<LI> The <EM>baeldung</EM> blog has another great post up on using Spring MVC and Spring Security to <a href="">secure a RESTful web service</a>. There are many ways to secure an HTTP REST web service, including HTTP Basic and the bespoke solution presented in this article. Many people are…

SpringOne 2GX 2012 Web Track: Designing REST-ful API using Spring 3, IOC in Javascript

News | Pieter Humphrey | November 30, 2012 | ...


Designing a REST-ful API using Spring 3

In the course of creating VAS, we did a lot of work to design a useful REST API.

REST is generally a very loose collection of principals that can be interpreted in many ways, so this talk would describe a more concrete idea of what a REST-ful API should look like.

In addition, the implementation of this API was done with many of the new features in Spring 3 and are a good demonstration of the power it provides.

About Ben Hale

Ben Hale

Ben Hale is a senior software engineer with Springsource and a core developer on the SpringSource dm Server project. Ben specializes in middleware development with using technologies such as OSGi and Aspect Oriented Programming as well as directing the build and release processes for all products in the Spring and SpringSource portfolios.

His interests include middle-tier architecture and effective build and release management strategies.

Prior to joining SpringSource, Ben spent several years leading teams in architecture and development of large-scale enterprise management applications for the telecommunications industry.




IOC + Javascript

Thicker web clients and server-side JavaScript create complexity that must be managed through architectural patterns. JavaScript hasn't yet embraced lessons learned from other platforms, like Java+Spring. Existing JavaScript MVC frameworks are too rigid and lack sufficient architectural plumbing. Javascript needs flexible architectural infrastructure for building bigger, better apps.

In this talk, Brian and John will introduce several concepts, including JavaScript Modules and Inversion of Control, and demonstrate how they alleviate many of the dominant problems encountered when building large JavaScript apps. Attendees will gain a firmer understanding of new architectural patterns and witness tangible examples of how these patterns improve testability, refactorability, composability, division of work, and team scalability.

About Brian Cavalier

Brian Cavalier

Brian is a server-side Java guy turned front-end engineer, and open source fanatic. From collaborative aircraft maintenance systems for the US Navy, to Computer Assisted Surgery systems for Orthopedic surgery, to a global-scale content curation and personalization system, he loves building things that users love to use. He works at VMware on making the web more awesome, and is co-lead of the cujo.js architecture unframework (, a lover of Siberian huskies, family, and things with two wheels.

More about Brian:

More About Brian »

About John Hann

John Hann

John has been pushing the limits of the web since 1996 and has been totally engulfed in Javascript, HTML, and CSS since 2004. Of the 70+ enterprise-scale apps he's led, notable achievements include Ajax-ish and JSON-RPC-like browser apps way back in 1999 (US Patent 7,016,751), composable Javascript constructors for creating draggable modal dialogs in 2004, and a Javascript non-preemptive multi-tasking framework in 2007. When he's not working on his “top secret” project at VMWare or his latest side-project with his kids, John is sure to be coding tenaciously on the next generation of Javascript libraries at

More about John:

More About John »



SpringOne 2GX 2012 Web Track: What's New in Spring MVC 3.2 + Extending Spring MVC with Spring Mobile and JavaScript

News | Pieter Humphrey | November 16, 2012 | ...


What's New in Spring MVC 3.2

Following on Juergen's talk on the upcoming Spring 3.2 release, this presentation will focus on what's new specifically in the area of Spring MVC. The presentation will explain all noteworthy features and, as is usual with every new release, there will be a lot to discuss including Servlet-based async request support, content negotiation enhancements, REST error handling, @MVC test support, and much more. The talk does not provide an overview of Spring MVC but rather assumes a level of experience and focuses on covering what's new.

About Rossen Stoyanchev

Rossen Stoyanchev

Rossen is a Spring Framework developer focusing on Spring MVC as well as Spring Web Flow. His 17+ year background includes work on trading and risk management software, investment accounting, e-commerce web applications, directory services, among others. Prior to becoming a full-time Spring Framework developer, Rossen spent several years teaching and consulting clients building enterprise Java applications with Spring on a broad range of topics.

More About Rossen »

Extending Spring MVC with Spring Mobile and JavaScript

The modern web no longer is limited to desktop browsers. Smart phones and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. Web sites that may look good on a 22" monitor usually do not format and display well on a much smaller screen. Additionally, network speeds can limit the performance of a web site on mobile devices. Because of these reasons many developers and organizations are considering how to make their web sites accessible to all the various devices and screen sizes for which people are using. In this session, we will explore the functionality provided within the Spring Mobile project, and how you can use it to extend your Spring MVC application onto mobile and tablet devices. We'll then continue the discussion by demonstrating how you can leverage some of the popular mobile JavaScript frameworks in combination with Spring Mobile to provide a first class experience for your users on mobile devices.

Session Detail

About Craig Walls

Craig Walls

Craig Walls has been professionally developing software for almost 18 years (and longer than that for the pure geekiness of it). He is a senior engineer with SpringSource as the Spring Social project lead and is the author of Spring in Action and XDoclet in Action (both published by Manning) and Modular Java (published by Pragmatic Bookshelf). He's a zealous promoter of the Spring Framework, speaking frequently at local user groups and conferences and writing about Spring and OSGi on his blog. When he's not slinging code, Craig spends as much time as he can with his wife, two daughters, 4 birds and 3 dogs.

More About Craig »

About Roy Clarkson

Roy Clarkson

Roy Clarkson studied computer science at Georgia Tech before beginning his career as a software engineer. He has worked as a professional software developer for over fifteen years, with a variety of languages and technologies. He is currently working as an engineer with SpringSource, at VMware, where he is the lead on the Spring for Android project. He also participates on the Greenhouse project, and built it’s associated mobile clients. Roy has spent the last few years focusing on mobile application development, including iPhone, Android, and mobile web. Prior to that, he focused most of his time on web based application development.

More About Roy »

Video: Spring Roo—Not Just another RAD Tool!

News | Chloe Jackson | August 15, 2012 | ...

Most of you probably know Spring Roo as the Java-based rapid application development tool that uses AspectJ and a command-line shell to build Spring applications. But underneath those slick commands that set up your application components lurks an even more powerful and extensible platform, one that you can use to build anything you want.

In this presentation, SpringSource's Josh Long and Spring Roo in Action authors Ken Rimple and Srini Penchikala introduce Spring Roo 1.2, and then go further, exposing Roo's powerful addon-based underbelly. They introduce Roo's OSGi bundle support, and introduce how add-ons can be used to generate code, install templates, respond to addition / removal of annotations, and expose both open-source and internal-company libraries for use by your developers. Finally, they wrap up by discussing the recently developed Tailor add-on, and will show how it can be used to completely customize your developers' shell environment.

Presenters: Ken Rimple, Srini Penchikala, and Josh Long

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

Video: Introduction to Spring Data Neo4j

News | Chloe Jackson | August 15, 2012 | ...

View this webinar for a practical guide to get started with Spring Data Neo4j the integration library for the Neo4j graph database. This webinar is the perfect complement to the Good Relationships book and is aimed toward those interested in quickly learning how to get started using Spring Data Neo4j.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Spring Data Neo4j's features and benefits
  • Spring Data Neo4j use case: A twitter-graph app using Spring Data Neo4j with Spring Social
  • Step by step demo to get started working on Spring Data Neo4j

Spring Data Neo4j is part of the Spring Data project which aims to provide convenient support for NoSQL databases.

Please also see the follow-up blog post which answers all questions from the Q&A section and links to sourcecode and slides.

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

Video: What's New in RabbitMQ - June 2012 Edition

News | Chloe Jackson | August 15, 2012 | ...

In the last year and a half, RabbitMQ has seen six major new releases. In this talk, we briefly review messaging, RabbitMQ and the AMQP protocol before covering some of the new features including easier plugin management, new plugins and extensions, publisher confirms, dead lettering, and a new high availability feature based on mirroring queues across nodes in a cluster. Presenter: Jerry Kuch, Staff Engineer, VMware

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

Video: Managing and Monitoring Spring Integration Applications

News | Adam Fitzgerald | July 17, 2012 | ...

This video discusses the options for managing and monitoring applications that use Spring Integration. Topics covered include:

  • using the Spring Integration plugin for Spring Insight to get a real-time view of your applications and its performance
  • using the Integration MBean Exporter and the MBeans it registers for analyzing messaging endpoints and channels
  • exporting the Integration MBean Exporter itself as an MBean, to gain access to its attributes and operations
  • using the <control-bus /> to start and stop endpoints
  • enabling and using Message History
  • previewing the orderly shutdown mechanisms being built into Spring Integration 2.2

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

Video: Spring Dependency Injection Styles

News | Adam Fitzgerald | May 30, 2012 | ...

This video provides a tour of modern dependency injection and Spring container configuration styles, including those available in the Spring 3.1 release. Spring expert and long time committer, Chris Beams, shows by example the use of Java @Configuration classes, Annotated POJOs, and XML to wire up your application. The presentation covers not just how to configure the container to use these options, but will also discuss why you would choose one method over another, as well as how they can be mixed and matched.

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

Video: More Practical Tips and Tricks with Spring Integration

News | Adam Fitzgerald | May 11, 2012 | ...

This video provides a follow-up session to Oleg Zhurakousky's successful Spring Integration Tips and Tricks webinar exploring deeper and more complex patterns for integration. The questions for this session came out of the actual customer engagements as well as the questions that are most frequently asked on the Spring Integration forums. In this edition of "Practical Tips-and-Tricks" Oleg covers the advanced topics of enterprise integration such as advanced aggregation and resequencing, asynchronous message flows, message ID customizations, content enrichment and advanced message routing and more. This video is based on a refined version of Oleg's very successful talk delivered at SpringOne 2GX 2011.

To review basics of messaging and Spring Integration watch this Message Driven Architecture video by Mark Fisher and watch the previous video in this series: Spring Integration Tips and Tricks.

Be sure to thumbs up the presentation if you find it useful and subscribe to the SpringSourceDev channel to see other recordings and screencasts.

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