Spring Batch 2.2.0.M1 released

Releases | Pieter Humphrey | January 25, 2013 | ...

SpringSource would like to announce the release of Spring Batch 2.2.0.M1!

This milestone release contains about 50/50 bug fixes and new features. This new release includes:

  • Updates to the archetype.  It is now useful (pipes a file to a database by default) and provides packaging/execute scripts out of the box.
  • Added the ability to provide your own Serializer implementation for use with the job repository.
  • Added a new AmqpItemReader and AmqpItemWriter.
  • Added @Configuration support to allow for java based configuration of jobs and steps

You can read about all of the new features and bug fixes in the change log. Enjoy!

Download | Documentation | Javadoc API | Change Log | JIRA | Release Notes

Spring for Apache Hadoop 1.0 RC2 Released

Releases | Costin Leau | January 21, 2013 | ...

Dear Spring Community, I am pleased to announce the second, and last planned, release candidate, 1.0 RC2 for Spring for Apache Hadoop:

Downloads | JavaDocs | Reference Documentation | Changelog

RC2 provides bug fixes and improvements and enhances the overall usability:

  • Introduced dedicated namespace for Cascading
  • Enhanced compatibility with Cloudera CDH3 and 4 and Greenplum HD 1.x
  • Cascading, Pig and MapReduce batch tasklet expose the execution stats
  • Refined threading for MapReduce jobs including safe job cancellation
  • Overhauled reference documentation and samples

For the full list of changes, refer to the changelog. For more information on Spring for Apache Hadoop, see the project home page for reference documentation and the sample applications.

For a quick introduction to Spring for Apache Hadoop, see this <webinar|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlTnBzQ6KDU> or the reference…

Spring Mobile 1.1.0.M2 Released

Releases | Roy Clarkson | January 17, 2013 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

We are happy to announce the release of Spring Mobile 1.1.0.M2!

Spring Mobile provides extensions to Spring MVC that aid in the development of cross-platform mobile web applications.

This release adds LiteDeviceDelegatingViewResolver, a ViewResolver implementation that adjusts the view name based on Device and SitePreference. It then delegates to another ViewResolver to complete the process of resolving the view. This release is built and tested against Spring Framework 3.2. See the changelog and reference manual for more information. Many thanks to the community for their support with regard to this new feature, including Scott Rossillo for his initial pull request and Neale Upstone for his input and feedback.

To retrieve the software, download the release distribution, or add the maven artifacts to your project. Sample apps are available at github.com/SpringSource/spring-mobile-samples

If you are building a mobile web app, we encourage you try out Spring Mobile 1.1.0.M2 and collaborate with us on the next iteration of the project.

Spring Security 3.2.0.M1 Released

Releases | Rob Winch | December 13, 2012 | ...

The first milestone release toward Spring Security 3.2 is now available from the SpringSource repository at http://repo.springsource.org. See here for a quick tutorial on resolving these artifacts via Maven.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Concurency Support
  • Servlet 3, Async Support
  • Spring MVC Async Integration
  • Servlet 3 API Integration
  • New Servlet API Sample Application
Stay tuned to the SpringSource Blog over the coming week for information on what's new in 3.2.0.M1.

Changelog | Download | Reference Manual | FAQ

Spring Social Yammer 1.0.0 Released

Releases | Craig Walls | December 12, 2012 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

I'm happy to share the news that Morten Andersen-Gott (aka, @mortenag on Twitter or magott on GitHub) has released Spring Social Yammer 1.0.0. Spring Social Yammer is one of over 25 community-led extension to Spring Social. It brings Spring Social-style connection and API binding support to applications needing to connect with Yammer.

Spring Social Yammer can be found at the following links:

Spring Social Yammer is also available in the Maven Central repository for inclusion as a dependency in your Maven or Gradle builds.

Morten announced the release via Twitter at http://twitter.com/mortenag/status/278794566755299328. Please join me in congratulating him on his…

Spring for Android 1.0.1 Released

Releases | Roy Clarkson | December 06, 2012 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

We are happy to announce the release of Spring for Android 1.0.1!

Spring for Android is an extension of the Spring Framework that aims to simplify the development of native Android applications.

This release adds support for Jackson 2.x in RestTemplate through the new MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter. It also addresses several bugs and compatibility issues with RestTemplate and Android Jelly Bean. See the changelog and reference manual for more information.

To retrieve the software, download the release distribution, or add the maven artifacts to your project. Sample apps are available at github.com/SpringSource/spring-android-samples

If you are building an Android app, we encourage you try out Spring for Android 1.0.1 and collaborate with us on the next iteration of the project.

Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.2.0.M1 released

Releases | Martin Lippert | December 03, 2012 | ...

Dear Spring Community,

I am happy to announce the first milestone release 3.2.0.M1 of the Spring Tool Suite (STS) and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS).

Highlights from this milestone build include:

  • overall performance improvements
  • updated to tc Server 2.8.1
  • improvements to Live Beans Graph feature
  • updated for Spring Integration 2.2
  • compilation times for AspectJ projects with AJDT have been improved (reduced!)

Both tool suites ship on top of the latest Eclipse Juno SR1 from September 2012. As soon as the performance work on the Eclipse Juno SR2 release is ready to be consumed, we will update to that version. In the meantime, we recommend to use the STS and GGTS versions on top of Eclipse 3.8.1.

The second milestone 3.2.0.M2 build is scheduled for late January 2013, followed by the 3.2.0 release in…

Spring Integration 2.2.0 GA has been released

Releases | Mark Fisher | December 03, 2012 | ...

We are pleased to announce that Spring Integration 2.2 is now GA.

The artifacts are available in the SpringSource Repository as well as Maven Central, or you can download the zip here.

For a big picture view, please read the "what's new" section of the reference manual.

For more detail on some of the main additions, refer to the following blog series:

Part 1: MongoDB Adapters Part 2: Transaction Synchronization Part 3: JPA Support Part 4: Retry and More

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