Spring Cloud Skipper 1.1.0.M1

Releases | Ilayaperumal Gopinathan | August 09, 2018 | ...

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring Cloud Skipper 1.1.0.M1

Spring Cloud Skipper is a lightweight tool that allows you to discover Spring Boot applications and manage their lifecycle on multiple Cloud Platforms. You can use Skipper standalone or integrate it with Continuous Integration pipelines to help implement the practice of Continuous Deployment.

The getting started section in the reference guide is the best place to start kicking the tires.

Focus on Cloud Foundry manifest:

This milestone release adds a new feature to perform the lifecycle operations to install, upgrade, rollback and delete on any applications that can be deployed into Cloud Foundry using the Cloud Foundry manifest

Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform 1.0 goes GA!

Releases | Artem Bilan | August 09, 2018 | ...

Dear Spring Community!

Today, together with Google Cloud team, I’m very excited to announce that Spring Cloud for Google Cloud Platform project of version 1.0 is Generally Available at last!

This project has started as a collaboration with the Google Cloud team (and we really appreciate their effort) and aims to implement and expose well-know Spring Framework patterns and abstractions to bring the benefits of Spring and Spring Boot to Java developers using GCP services. Together we spent many hours (more than a year!) discussing the best APIs and approaches which should be convenient and…

Spring Cloud Finchley.SR1 Is Available

Releases | Ryan Baxter | August 01, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the community, I am pleased to announce that SR1 (Service Release) of the Spring Cloud Finchley Release Train is available today. The release can be found in Maven Central. You can check out the Finchley release notes for more information.

Spring Cloud Gateway

  • Bug Fixes. Those dealing with an empty body and no content type are of note.
  • Supports CORS Configuration #229
  • Response Timeout Configuration #371
  • Auto configuration and DSL support for Cloud Foundry route services #294
  • Better error messages and error logging in certain cases.

Spring Cloud Sleuth

Spring Cloud…

New Spring Integration, AMQP, Kafka Maintenance and Milestone Releases

Releases | Gary Russell | August 01, 2018 | ...

We are pleased to announce the following maintenance releases are now available.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to these versions

Spring Integration

Project Page | GitHub | JIRA | Documentation | Stack Overflow | Gitter

Spring AMQP (Spring for RabbitMQ)

Project Page | GitHub | JIRA | Documentation | Stack Overflow | Gitter

Spring for Apache Kafka

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation | Stack Overflow | Gitter

In addition, the first milestones of the next generations are also available:


Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.RC1 and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 1.0.0.RC1

Releases | Artem Bilan | August 01, 2018 | ...

Dear Spring Community!

It’s my pleasure to announce first Release Candidates for Spring projects supporting Amazon Web Services: Amazon Web Services: Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.RC1 and Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis 1.0.0.RC1.

Both artifacts are available in the Spring Milestone repository and they can be consumed as maven dependencies:



Spring Vault 2.1 M1 available now

Releases | Mark Paluch | August 01, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the community, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first Spring Vault 2.1 milestone. This release ships with 47 tickets fixed and the highlights of this first milestone include:

  • Support for Google Cloud Compute and Google Cloud IAM authentication mechanism support.
  • Integration of Vault's versioned Key-Value backend through VaultKeyValueOperations
  • Template API for Vault's wrapping endpoints.
  • Support of full pull mode in reactive AppRole authentication. The limitation of previous versions has been lifted now.
  • Improved Exception hierarchy for Vault login failures.

This release is compatible with Vault versions from 0.5.2 up to 0.10.3

Spring IO Platform Cairo SR3

Releases | Andy Wilkinson | July 31, 2018 | ...

I am pleased to announce that Spring IO Platform Cairo-SR3 is now available from both repo.spring.io and Maven Central.

This maintenance release upgrades the versions of a number of the projects in the Platform:

  • Spring AMQP 2.0.5
  • Spring Boot 2.0.4
  • Spring Data Kay SR9
  • Spring Framework 5.0.8
  • Spring HATEOAS 0.25.0
  • Spring Integration 5.0.7
  • Spring Kafka 2.1.8
  • Spring REST Docs 2.0.2
  • Spring Security 5.0.7
  • Spring Session Apple SR4
  • Spring Web Services 3.0.3

The versions of a number of third-party dependencies have also been updated.

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation

Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 GA Released

Releases | Mark Pollack | July 30, 2018 | ...

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the release of 1.6.0. Follow the Getting Started guides for Local Server, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

Feature highlights for 1.6 GA

  • Task Scheduling on PCF

  • Dashboard improvments

  • Kubernetes support enhancements

  • App hosting tool

  • Composed Task Runner security

  • DSL and deployment property parsing refinements

  • Batch Database Schema and Optimization

Task Scheduling on PCF

We are happy to introduce the native integration of PCF Scheduler in the SCDF for Cloud Foundry implementation!

A typical workflow for batch data processing…

Spring Boot 2.1 M1

Releases | Andy Wilkinson | July 30, 2018 | ...

On behalf of the team and everyone that contributed, I am pleased to announce that the first milestone of Spring Boot 2.1 has been released and is available from our milestone repository. This release closes over 180 issues and pull requests!

This first milestone builds on and requires Spring Framework 5.1.RC1. It also builds on recent releases of a number of other Spring projects including Spring Data Lovelace RC1 and Spring Security 5.1 M2 to name just two.

Other highlights of this first milestone include:

  • Servlet 4 support with Undertow 2.0 and Tomcat 9.0
  • Caches endpoint
  • Support for querying an individual component's health
  • Support for profile expressions in multi-profile YAML documents and <springProfile> Logback configuration.

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