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Spring Security 5.2.0.M4 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 5.2.0.M4! You can find the complete details in the changelog and the highlights below:

OAuth 2.0

gh-6811 for Servlets - Introduce OAuth2AuthorizedClient Manager/Provider
gh-6886 - OpenID Connect Userinfo not fetched for custom claims
gh-7033 - Add Resource Server JWE Sample
gh-7034 - Nimbus Jwt decoders should not force SignedJWT


gh-5300 - Allow configuration of SessionAuthenticationStrategy for CSRF
gh-5557 - DSL nested builder for HTTP security
gh-7082 - Add Chinese Traditional localized messages
gh-7042 - Allow upgrading between different BCrypt encodings
gh-7057 - Allow upgrading between different SCrypt encodings
From previous, 5.2.0.M3, release - Add nohttp to build

For more information about the nohttp project see this blog post.


Spring Data Moore RC2, Lovelace SR10, and Ingalls SR23 released

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce Spring Data releases Moore RC2, Lovelace SR10, and Ingalls SR23. All releases pick up the most recent Spring Framework releases and will be picked up by Spring Boot 2.2 RC1, 2.1.7, and 1.5.22 respectively.

Amongst many dependency upgrades, we migrated almost all of our Spring Data core project to use AssertJ assertions. As per our previous annoucement, Ingalls SR23 is the last release of the Spring Data 1.x line to reach its end of life. We highly recommend migrating to Spring Data Lovelace SR10 for all users who still use Spring Data 1.x.


Spring Framework 5.2 goes RC1

On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I am pleased to announce that a feature-complete Spring Framework 5.2 release candidate is available from our milestone repository now! Find a comprehensive list of new features and refinements on our wiki: from major core container optimizations to reactive transactions and RSocket support.

We are working towards 5.2 RC2 with fine-tuning and performance improvements in August, preparing for 5.2’s general availability in mid September. We’ll also release Spring Boot 2.2 M5 later this week at which point you’ll be able to consume Spring Framework 5.2 RCs through!


Spring Boot for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire 1.1.0.RC1 Released!

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Spring Boot for Apache Geode & Pivotal GemFire/Pivotal Cloud Cache (SBDG) 1.1.0.RC1.

This is the 1st of 2 release candidates before the final GA, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th, 2019. Be on the lookout for the SBDG 1.1.0.RELEASE then.

You make acquire the new SBDG 1.1.0.RC1 bits from Spring’s libs-milestone repo here, or by declaring the following dependency declaration in your Maven POM:

Maven Dependency

Spring Framework 5.1.9, 5.0.15 and 4.3.25 available now

On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I am pleased to announce that Spring Framework 5.1.9, 5.0.15, and 4.3.25 are available now.

Spring Framework 5.1.9 includes 38 fixes and improvements and is a recommended upgrade for all 5.x users. Spring Framework 5.0.15 includes 16 selected fixes while Spring Framework 4.3.25 includes 10 selected fixes.

Next up is Spring Framework 5.2 RC1 coming up early next week followed by the usual Spring Boot releases, stay tuned!

Project Page | GitHub | Issues | Documentation


This Week in Spring - July 30, 2019

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring. This week I’m in sweet San Francisco, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fun of summer. Sure, I’ve got a few meetings, and appearances, etc., but it is very nice to be home. By the by, I’ll be speaking at the upcoming San Francisco Java User Group - come hang out and say hi!

Anyway, lots of good stuff (as usual), so let’s get to it.


Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.2.0 Released

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the GA release of 2.2.0.

In this GA release, Spring Cloud Data Flow team has worked on some of the key features including task application management, stability on the product by increasing the acceptance tests coverage across platforms (local, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry), bug fixes and enhancements.

Task Application Management

It is now possible to stop and delete task executions using the SCDF Dashboard and the Shell.
We have added support for task application monitoring using micrometer integration. The core of the Micrometer integration landed in Spring Cloud Task’s 2.2.0 release-line, which by the way is a requirement if you are going to try out the Task-metrics and the SCDF integration.


Simplifying the Spring Cloud Release Train

Spring Cloud continues to prove immensely popular, and over the last few years a number of IaaS providers have provided integration with their technology and joined the release train. This has typically involved getting into the spring-cloud GitHub org and publishing in the Maven groupid. As the number of projects included looks to increase, it is becoming a little unwieldy, and we wanted to take a step back and review the pros and cons that this model provides and propose a better path forward that benefits all projects involved.