Spring Tool Suite 3.8.3 released

Dear Spring Community,

I am happy to announce the 3.8.3 release of the Spring Tool Suite, our Eclipse-based tooling.

STS 3.8.3 focuses on adopting Eclipse Neon.2 and fixing existing issues. The list of changes include:

  • Updated to Eclipse Neon.2
  • Added support for one-time passcode for Cloud Foundry targets in the Spring Boot Dashboard
  • Added support for WAR packaging of Spring Boot apps when deploying them to CF in the Spring Boot Dashboard
  • Added support for health-check in Cloud Foundry manifest files
  • Fixed a number of most-reported errors from the automated error reporting
  • and more...
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Spring Framework 4.3.5, 4.2.9 and 3.2.18 available now

It is my pleasure to announce that the Spring Framework 4.3.5, 4.2.9 and 3.2.18 maintenance releases are available now.

4.3.5 is a significant refinement release with 37 enhancements (including e.g. WebSocket support for the recently released Jetty 9.4) and several bug fixes, serving as the basis for the upcoming Spring Boot 1.4.3 release.

Please note that the 4.2.9 and 3.2.18 bug fix releases are the last in their respective line, with 4.2.x being superseded by 4.3.x now and 3.2.x reaching its EOL point. Going forward, we expect all users to upgrade to 4.3.5+ for further support.

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This Week in Spring - December 20, 2016

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m in the winter wonderland of Toronto, Canada, hanging out with the amazing Pivotal Labs Toronto office and working with some of the largest financial institutions in all of Canada as they transition to Spring Cloud and to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. I love seeing seemingly large, lumbering companies run at startup speeds and crave it.

This week is the week of Christmas for some in the world, followed shortly by the western western new year. If you celebrate either (or both) of them, then, on behalf of the Spring team, let me wish you the happiest of holidays! I, for one, can’t believe we’re now less than two weeks away from 2017 (and with it, the beginning of the 7th year writing This Week in Spring!)

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: 10 Ways to Get Super Productive with Spring Boot

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speakers: Stéphane Nicoll, Brian Clozel
Slides: None, all live coding
Spring Boot DevTools is not the only new feature that boosts your productivity. During this live coding session, we’ll work on 10 common app features and see how Boot is making your life easier.

We’ll cover the following:

Development cycle with Devtools, H2 Web console and persistent web sessions
Manage custom error pages
Managing application Cache
Supporting OAuth2 in your app
Using your custom AuthenticationPrincipal
Using a persistent database in production
Evolving your database schema with Flyway
Custom Boot configuration (key hint, metadata)
Gathering and exporting app Metrics
Dealing with static resources in web apps

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: JDK 8: Lessons Learnt With Lambdas and Streams

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speaker: Simon Ritter, Azul

Lambda expressions and the streams API add a more functional style of programming to Java; something developers have not really had in the past.

This session will start with a short summary of the key features of both Lambda expressions and streams before moving on to some real world examples of how to use them effectively, including a number of lessons learnt from trying to apply an imperative style of programming when it should have been functional.

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: 40 Tips & Tricks for Spring in IntelliJ IDEA

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speakers: Stephane Nicoll and Yann Cebron, JetBrains
Slides: None, live coding
IDEs can be powerful, but hard to learn. Some features are hidden or simply not well known.

Let’s end this dilemma and make you more productive and efficient when working on Spring applications. Learn how to navigate, edit and perform refactorings across a variety of common Spring technologies.

You’ll leave this session with a whole stack of power tricks - right from the developers working on it.

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Project Jigsaw in JDK 9: Modularity Comes To Java

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speaker: Simon Ritter, Azul Systems

Project Jigsaw will bring modularity to the Java platform; something that will enable better security, performance and flexibility for deployment of applications. This talk will look at the fundamentals of how modularity in Java will work. Developers will need to understand that these changes go significantly further than just separating the standard class libraries into a number of discrete units.

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Machine Learning Exposed!

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speaker: James Weaver
The term “machine learning” is increasingly bandied about in corporate settings and cocktail parties, but what is it, really? In this session we’ll answer that question, providing an approachable overview of machine learning concepts, technologies, and use cases. We’ll then take a deeper dive into machine learning topics such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning. We’ll also survey various machine learning APIs and platforms. Technologies including Spring and Cloud Foundry will be leveraged in the demos. You’ll be the hit of your next party when you’re able to express the near-magical inner-workings of artificial neural networks!

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Developing a Geospatial Webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.
Speaker: Sébastien Deleuze

As described in this announcement I made on the Spring blog, it is now easy to create a Spring Boot application using Kotlin.

Thanks to a sample Geospatial messenger application, I will show how Spring Boot and Kotlin share the same pragmatic, innovative and opinionated mindset to allow you to build simple but powerful projects.

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