This Week in Spring - July 20th, 2021

Aloha, my friends, from Hawai’i, where I’m currently on vacation! And, because I’m on vacation, I’ll cut to the chase: there’s a lot of great stuff to get to this week (surprise!)

But first, a friendly turtle I met the other day:

You’re welcome. Now then, where were we? Oh right!

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Spring Security 5.6.0-M1 released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 5.6.0-M1!

In addition to dependency upgrades, bug fixes, and minor enhancements, the milestone contains a few noteworthy changes:

  • An AuthorizationManager for method security

  • Support for any data type in Access Token Response

  • A separate repository for Spring Security samples

You can find the complete details in the release notes.

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Spring Data 2021.0.3 and 2020.0.11 released

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Spring Data2021.0.2 and 2020.0.10 service releases.

Both releases are built on top of Spring Framework 5.3.9. For your convenience, you can consume these releases through Spring Boot 2.5.3 and 2.4.9, respectively. Our teammates on the Boot team will release those in about a week.

The service releases ship with mostly bug fixes and dependency upgrades.

To round things off, here are the links to the artifacts, changelogs, and documentation:

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Spring Data 2021.1.0-M1 released

On behalf of the team, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Spring Data 2021.1.0-M1 milestone release.

The release is built on top of Spring Framework 5.3.9. For your convenience, you can consume this release through Spring Boot 2.6.0-M1, which our team mates on the Boot team will release in about a week.

The 2021.1 release train ships a set of features and dependency upgrades.
The most important changes are:

  • Upgrade to Querydsl 5.
  • Support for a wide range of Redis 6.2 commands.
  • Support for dialect-dependent custom conversions in Spring Data JDBC. This was used to improve the support of java.time types across multiple databases.
  • Support for streaming large result sets in Spring Data JDBC.
  • Support for AggregateReference in query derivation.
  • REF_CURSOR support for stored procedures in Spring Data JPA.
  • Upgrade to MongoDB Driver 4.3 and initial support for MongoDB Server 5.0 Time Series.
  • Spring Data MongoDB comes with extended capabilities for linking documents and offers, next to the existing DBRef approach, a property-based solution that uses simple values, such as the target _id or a combination of fields to link to another document.
    The sample below shows the reference to a collection of Account documents through their _id in Java code and how it is represented in MongoDB:

    class Person {
      String id;
      List<Account> accounts;
      "_id" : …,
      "accounts" : [ "6509b9e" … ]
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State of Spring Survey is back!

TL;DR - head over to to take the State of Spring 2021 survey! You can also RT this tweet and help spread the word! Thank you <3

We ran the State of Spring survey last year, and it was a huge success. Spring community members across the globe, like you, shared their views and experiences, and it all made for fantastic reading.

The survey is back this year, and we want to hear from you! How can Spring help you build new apps and experiences this year? What would you like us to change? This year, we have new sections on Spring Native, building & sharing APIs internally/externally, and a deeper dive on Data.

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This Week in Spring - July 13th, 2021

Hi, Spring fans! How’re you doing? I’m heads-down, hurriedly making final preparations for tomorrow’s SpringOne Tour episode installment. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Do NOT miss this show tomorrow morning, 10AM California time. I’ll be there, along with my friends Madhura Bhave, Olga Maciaszek-Sharma, Bella Bai, Whitney Lee, Core Iberkleid, Nate Schutta, and special guest star Angie Jones.

We look forward to seeing you there and we’ll explore the wide and wonderful world of continuous delivery, testing and more together.

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