Spring Data JPA 1.0.2 released

Dear Spring Community,

I’d like to announce the release of Spring Data JPA 1.0.2.RELEASE. The release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed query creation for Comparable values (DATAJPA-99)
  • Fixed alias detection when entity name contained number (DATAJPA-110)
  • SimpleJpaRepository's deleteAll() does not call em.clear() anymore (DATAJPA-111)
  • Upgraded to Querydsl 2.2.5 (DATAJPA-102, DATAJPA-115)
  • Fixed auditor mappings in AbstractAuditable (DATAJPA-120)
  • Consolidate Expression creation for property references and sort orders (DATAJPA-103)
  • Fixed dependency injection in QueryDslRepositorySupport (DATAJPA-113)

Downloads | JavaDocs | Reference Documentation | Changelog

To learn more about the project, visit the Spring Data JPA Page. Looking forward to your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker.

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