Spring Data Couchbase 1.0 M2 released

On behalf of module lead Michael Nitschinger, I am pleased to announce the availability of milestone two of the Spring Data module for Couchbase.

This new release brings both feature enhancements and bugfixes, taking the library full steam to a release candidate soon. Highlights of this release are custom @View annotations on repository finder methods and better marshaling support for dates, enums and class types. Also, the underlying Couchbase Java Client has been updated to the latest 1.2.2 versions, bringing better rebalance stability and performance improvements. This M2 release is available from the Spring IO milestone repository.

Also, special thanks to David Harrigan for contributing lots of bugfixes and moving the project forward.

The road towards the GA release is mostly about bug fixing and stability, as it is almost feature complete already. Please try it out and give us feedback so we can deliver a great 1.0 GA product.

Fore more project specific information please see the project page at

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