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Spring Integration 4.2 Milestone 2 is Available (and 4.1.6)

We are pleased to announce that the second milestone for the upcoming 4.2 release of Spring Integration is now available. In addition to those features in milestone 1 this release includes:

Zookeeper Support

Several components have been added that use zookeeper, including a LockRegistry and MetadataStore but probably the most significant is the ability to assign endpoints to a leadership Role, with the endpoint lifecycle being controlled by the leadership status. When an application context is granted leadership, all endpoints in the corresponding role are started automatically. Similarly when leadership is revoked, the endpoints are stopped.

This can be useful for configuring a hot-standby instance of an application.


When running with Java 8, gateway methods can now return CompletableFuture<?>.


It is now possible to more easily configure an aggregator as a message barrier where, when the message group is released (due to completion or timeout), each message is released individually rather than as a collection.


The SFTP and FTP outbound gateways now support the -stream option when geting files and the message payload is an InputStream allowing direct streaming of the remote file. When using this feature for a text file, in conjunction with a FileSplitter (<int-file:splitter/>) each line can be processed individually without copying the file to local disk.

Performance Improvements

Some performance bottlenecks have been identified and corrected.

See the release notes for complete information and the project page for documentation and download details.

As a reminder, the Apache Kafka extension now supports version 0.8.2 of kafka.

The 4.1.6.RELEASE containing a few bug fixes and minor improvements is also available in the spring repo and will be in maven central shortly.

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