Spring Integration 4.2 Release Candidate is Available

Releases | Gary Russell | August 17, 2015 | ...

We are pleased to announce that the final release candidate for Spring Integration 4.2 (4.2.0.RC1) is now available in the spring milestone repository.

Features of this release include:

Security Context Propagation

The security context can now be propagated across ExecutorChannel and QueueChannels. The framework takes care of clearing the inherited security context when the downstream flow completes.

STOMP Client Channel Adapters

STOMP client-side channel adapters based on the support in Spring Framework 4.2 are now available (the initial work announced in milestone 1 is now complete).


MessageChannel, MessageSource and MessageHandler metrics can now be enabled independently of JMX.

File Scanner

A new directory scanner is available to more efficiently scan directory hierarchies by reacting to file system events rather than scanning the whole tree on every poll. (Requires Java 7)

Event Channel Adapters

The event channel adapters now support the new POJO ApplicationEvent support in Spring Framework 4.2.

Process Barrier

A new component has been introduced allowing an integration flow to be suspended until some asynchronous event occurs. (Sample app coming soon where we wait for RabbitMQ publisher confirms before returning an HTTP response).

Last Modified File List Filter

A common problem with polling directories is if the file producer creates the file "in-place"; the file can be picked up while it is still being written. It is generally recommended to create the file with a temporary name and rename it when it is complete. If that cannot be done, however, this new filter prevents a file from being processed until it hasn't been modified for some time period.


A codec abstraction (including a Kryo implementation) has been introduced as an alternative to java serialization.

JMS Shared Subscriptions

JMS 2.0 shared subscriptions are now supported by the namespace, simplifying configuration when using XML.

(S)FTP improvements

Inbound channel adapters can now use an expression for the remote directory.

SOAP Action Propagation

It is now easier to implement a web service proxy using Spring Integration.

Previous Milestones

A reminder of features already announced that were in the milestone 1 and milestone 2 releases:

  • A significant overhaul of the JMX support in the framework, providing performance and other improvements when JMX is enabled
  • A mongodb metadata store
  • @SecuredChannel annotation
  • Conditional Pollers - the polling interval can be adjusted dynamically, based on the results of (or before executing) the current poll
  • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support in the http inbound gateway
  • Zookeeper Support for leadership, locks, and metadata
  • CompletableFuture gateway method return values
  • Aggregator improvements
  • (S)FTP improvements
  • Some performance bottlenecks have been identified and corrected.

For complete contents of the milestone releases, see the JIRA release notes for M1 and M2

For complete contents of this release candidate, see the release notes.

Also refer to the reference documentation "what's new" chapter

See the project page for links to documentation, samples and download information.

Please try out these new features and improvements; it is your last chance for feedback before the final release planned for early September, just in time for SpringOne.

Also, don't forget to check out the recent work in the Spring Integration Extensions projects (kafka, hazlecast).

#SpringOne 2GX 2015 is around the corner! Book your place at SpringOne2GX in Washington, DC soon. It's simply the best opportunity to find out first hand all that's going on and to provide direct feedback.

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