Spring Cloud Data Flow for Cloud Foundry 1.0.0.M4 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring Cloud Data Flow’s Cloud Foundry 1.0.0.M4.

In this milestone release, we have few improvements to the APIs and the general stability of the overall design constructs.

Journey Ahead

  • We are looking forward to Reactor and Cloud Foundry Java Client’s RC and GA releases and by this month, we shall release 1.0.0.RELEASE of Spring Cloud Data Flow for Cloud Foundry.

  • We have exciting work-in-progress to orchestrate short-lived microservices through TaskLauncher constructs in the Spring Cloud Deployer for Cloud Foundry project. We are hopeful to deliver the BETA release of this functionality alongside the upcoming Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s 1.7.x release.

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team will be talking at Spring One Platform, which will be taking place in Las Vegas between August 1-4 this year. There are many other great talks so check the agenda and get your ticket if you haven’t done so already.

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