Spring Web Services 3.1.1 is out!

Greetings Spring community,

The Spring Web Services team has released 3.1.1. This is the first major release under the new versioning schema. Releases will no longer have .RELEASE and snapshots will only be -SNAPSHOT, to better comply with community approaches.

While we strive to maintain alignment with Spring Framework and Spring Security, we also test against Java 8, Java 11, and Java LATEST (JDK 16 as of today).

For more details, read the following release notes for each version:

Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 3.1.1.

  • #1198 - Test against JDK 16 on CI.

  • #1197 - Upgrade to Spring Framework 5.3.7.

  • #1187 - Upgrade to Spring Security 5.5.0.

  • #1199 - Don’t skip main build targets during releases.

The artifacts are located on Maven Central. Get it while it’s hot!

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