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Spring Modulith 0.1 RC1 released

I am pleased to announce the first and final release candidate of Spring Modulith 0.1. The release primarily is a preparation for the GA one to follow Spring Boot 3.0 GA some time next week. That said, we managed to sneak a couple of improvements into the Application Module Canvas that will surely be helpful. The Canvas now lists Spring bean references into other modules explicitly and thus documents the required interface of the module, just like constructor arguments describe the dependencies of a class.

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Figure 1. Spring bean references in the Application Module Canvas

Also, the Canvas now includes value types exposed by a module. These types are identified by either the annotations or interfaces provided by the jMolecules DDD library.

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Figure 2. Value types exposed by the Application Module in the Application Module Canvas

We are currently planning to release 0.1 GA on top of Spring Boot 3.0 GA mid next week.

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