Spring Modulith 0.3 released

Hot on the heels of Spring Boot 3.0.2, I am excited to announce the 0.3 release of Spring Modulith. The release is packed with improvements. We have tweaked a couple of things that might require your attention and a couple of adapting changes to your code. The most notable changes are:

  • GH-114 – We renamed the ….modulith.model package to ….modulith.core. This primarily affects ApplicationModules. Please adapt your imports accordingly.

  • GH-120 – The documentation support now generates diagram files using the *.puml file extension, as suggested by PlantUML. Please adapt your imports accordingly.

  • GH-103ApplicationModuleInitializer implementations will be triggered upon application startup, in the order following the application module dependency structure (more core ones are invoked first). Also, ApplicationModules exposes a ….getComparator() to order Spring beans that way. Note, that this requires the JGraphT library to be on the classpath (automatically pulled in via the spring-modulith-runtime artifact). See the reference documentation for details.

  • GH-116PublishedEvents now sees events published from asynchronous event listeners, too.

  • GH-100 – If you’re using AssertJ in your tests, you can now use AssertablePublishedEvents for a more streamlined integration (for example, assertThat(events).contains(MyEvent.class).matching(…)).

  • GH-117 – As we incentivize event-based, asynchronous application module integration, the test starter now also pulls in Awaitility.

  • GH-111 – We now publish aggregated Javdoc.

Find a complete change log in the GitHub release page. We are looking forward to your feedback in the GitHub discussions.

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