You spoke, we listened: State of Spring 2020 report is here!

Engineering | Ben Wilcock | September 11, 2020 | ...


Back in July the Spring team asked for your input on a range of Spring-related topics. And wow! What a response!

Thank you to the 1024 developers, architects, and managers across the globe that took time out of their day to complete the survey. We’ve crunched the numbers, filtered & mashed up the results to distill the most compelling insights into the State of Spring 2020 report.


Thanks to everyone that completed the survey. We look forward to making this report an annual event, following the growth, success, and evolution of our community.

Download your copy of 'The State Of Spring 202…

Case Study: Relational Database Source and File Sink

Engineering | Soby Chacko | September 10, 2020 | ...

This article is part of a blog series that explores the newly redesigned Spring Cloud Stream applications based on Java Functions. In this episode, we are exploring the JDBC supplier and the source based on Spring Cloud Stream. We will see how we can export data from a relational database and dump it into a file using a File Consumer and the corresponding Spring Cloud Stream File sink. We will look at a few different ways in which we can run JDBC Source and send the data to a file.

Here are all the previous parts of this blog series.

This Week in Spring - September 8th, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | September 09, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans!

Last week was SpringOne. It was absolutely bonkers. The videos are coming sooner rather than later. In the meantime, some of them are already up on the Spring YouTube channel.

Also, I announced that my new book Reactive Spring is now available for sale! I'm proofing the printed version as we speak :-) Meanwhile, you can pre-order the Kindle version or - preferably! - get the digital version over on Leanpub.

Did I mention that last week was SpringOne? Seriously. There's no way I can hope to cover all that happened. But I do hope you'll listen to the latest installment of my…

A Bootiful Podcast: SpringOne 2020, Josh's book \"Reactive Spring,\" and Microsoft Java Architect and fellow Java Champion Jonathan Giles

Engineering | Josh Long | September 04, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of a Bootiful Podcast! In this episode Josh Long (@starbuxman) talks about the massive, virtual SpringOne 2020 event (tens of thousands of people in attendance!), his just-completed book "Reactive Spring", and then talks to Microsoft's Jonathan Giles (@jonathangiles) .

Hello, Azure Spring Cloud

Engineering | Josh Long | September 02, 2020 | ...

NOTE: This blog was drafted in cooperation with members of the Spring team and Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud team, including Josh Long, Julien Dubois, Sean Li, Kylie Liang, Jonathan Giles, Asir Selvasingh, and the rest of the Microsoft Azure Spring Cloud and VMware Spring teams.

Hi, Spring fans! It is with extreme delight that today we announce the general availability of Azure Spring Cloud. Azure Spring Cloud is a platform for deploying and managing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud-powered services and software built on Microsoft Azure. It is jointly built, operated, and supported by Microsoft…

This Week in Spring (SpringOne 2020 Edition) - September 1st, 2020

Engineering | Josh Long | September 01, 2020 | ...

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another action-packed installment of This Week in Spring. Normally, I spend my time in these blogs looking at the week that was but I confess, as much as I love all the interesting stuff that's come out in the last week, my heart's just not in it! My mind instead is SpringOne 2020, which starts Wednesday, tomorrow, at 6 AM PST. There's going to be so much good stuff, my friends. Obviously, there's no better place to tackle the goings-on of the Spring community. But this show doesn't stop there! There's also going to be content around diversity and social justice…

A Bootiful Podcast: Soby Chacko and Dave Turanski on Messaging in Spring, Spring Cloud Stream App Starters and More

Engineering | Josh Long | August 27, 2020 | ...

Hi Spring fans! In this episode Josh Long (@starbuxman) looks at the week that was and then talks to Spring team members Soby Chacko (@sobychacko) and Dave Turanski (@dturanski) about messaging in Spring, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud Stream, Spring Cloud Data Flow, Spring Cloud Stream App Starters.

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