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Spring Batch 2.2.0 RC1 is now available

We are pleased to announce that Spring Batch 2.2.0.RC1 is now available via the SpringSource Milestone repository.
Spring Batch Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation

Support for Spring Data

Spring Data Repository ItemReader ItemWriter RepositoryItemReader RepositoryItemWriter Repository

Java Configuration

@EnableBatchProcessing @EnableBatchProcessing

  • Creation of StepScope - Allowing the configuration of beans via @Scope(“step”)

  • @Autowired - A JobRepository, JobLauncher, JobRegistry, PlatformTransactionManager, JobBuilderFactory and StepBuilderFactory are all available to be autowired into your context.

Spring Mobile 1.1.0.M3 Released

Dear Spring Community,

We are happy to announce the release of Spring Mobile 1.1.0.M3!

Spring Mobile provides extensions to Spring MVC that aid in the development of cross-platform mobile web applications.

This release adds simpler configuration when using a custom domain strategy with SiteSwitcherHandlerInterceptor. Kindle Fire devices are now detected as tablet or mobile depending on which mode they are in. Additionally, several issues have been resolved in this release. This release is built and tested against Spring Framework 3.2.2. See the changelog and reference manual for more information. Many thanks to the community for their continued feedback and support in improving Spring Mobile.


Rest.js 0.9 Released

Dear Spring Community,

Today we’re excited to announce that rest.js is now part of Cujo.js and that rest.js 0.9 has been released.

rest.js is a RESTful HTTP client. It goes far beyond the typical XMLHttpRequest abstraction developers are accustomed to in other frameworks. rest.js is built upon composable interceptors that incrementally add new functionality to a client. Configured clients are tamper proof and can be safely shared within an application. If a portion of the application needs specific behavior, it can chain further interceptors on the common client creating a new client that’s independent of the remainder of the application.


When.js 2.0.0 Released

Dear Spring Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of when.js 2.0.0.

When.js is cujojs’s lightweight Promises/A+ and when() implementation, and powers the async core of wire.js, cujojs’s IOC Container. It also provides several other useful Promise-related concepts, such as joining multiple promises, mapping and reducing collections of promises, and timed promises.

This major release brings full Promises/A+ compliance, and async promise resolutions. It also includes a few new features, including a new when/keys module for working with object keys.


Spring Data REST 1.1.0.M1 Released

The Spring Data team is happy to announce the next major step in the evolution of exporting domain objects to the web using RESTful semantics: Spring Data REST 1.1.0.M1 is now available in the SpringSource milestone repository.

Spring Data REST Home | Source on GitHub | Reference Documentation

Export domain objects to the web

Spring Data REST is a set of Spring MVC components that you can add to your own Spring MVC applications that export your Spring Data Repositories to the web using RESTful, HATEOAS semantics. It provides a consistent interaction API by exporting repositories to RESTful URLs that are configurable in a couple different ways.


Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.2.0 released

Dear Spring Community,

we are happy to announce the next major release of our Eclipse-based tooling today: The Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.2.0 and the Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) 3.2.0.

Highlights from this release include:

  • Eclipse Juno SR2 updates (including Mylyn, EGit, m2e, m2e-wtp)
  • added support for high-res displays on Mac OSX
  • updated bundled tc Server to 2.8.2
  • major performance improvements for working with Spring projects
  • major improvements to the Live Spring Beans Graph
  • added support for Spring Integration 2.2
  • updated to include Groovy 2.0.7 and Grails 2.2.1 (Groovy 2.1 is available from the dashboard)

Spring-AMQP 1.1.4.RELEASE is now Available

We are pleased to announce that Spring-AMQP 1.1.4.RELEASE is now available.

This is a minor maintenance release with fixes to a few minor issues in the AMQP Log4j Appender, as well as correcting an issue in the spring-rabbit manifest for OSGI users.

Release notes can be found here.

The project home page is here, where you can find links to documentation, downloads and APIs.