Spring Framework 1.0 Final Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring
Framework 1.0 final

has just been released.


  • the most sophisticated lightweight
    container available today, with various flavors of setter and
    constructor injection

  • AOP interception framework based on
    the AOP Alliance interfaces, integrated with the core container

  • JNDI support classes, allowing for
    easy wiring of Spring-managed beans with JNDI-located objects

  • application context concept,
    providing resource loading and message access abstractions

  • generic transaction management with
    pluggable strategies, supporting declarative and programmatic

  • support for source-level metadata,
    with Commons Attributes as default implementation (e.g. for transaction

  • generic DAO support, providing a
    generic data access exception hierarchy for use with any data access

  • JDBC abstraction that simplifies
    resource and error handling, also covering BLOB/CLOB support

  • Hibernate support, providing
    SessionFactory management and transaction-scoped ThreadLocal Sessions

  • support classes for JDO 1.0 and
    iBATIS SQL Maps 1.3/2.0, integrated with Spring’s transaction

  • mail sender abstraction, with
    special support for JavaMail including convenient handling of file

  • scheduling support for Quartz and
    Timer, making it easy to invoke methods of Spring-managed beans

  • remoting support for RMI, JAX-RPC
    and Caucho’s Hessian/Burlap, for easy exposure of Spring-managed beans

  • convenience classes for accessing
    and implementing EJBs, both local and remote

  • web application context, for
    loading a Spring application context in a web environment

  • flexible web MVC framework, built
    on strategy interfaces and integrated with various view technologies

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Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

We are pleased to announce that
Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2
has just been released. RC2 covers all features targeted for 1.0 final,
which should be released soon.

Changes since Release Candidate 1 include:

  • scheduling
    support via Quartz and Timer

  • support for the
    SqlMapClient API of iBATIS SQL Maps 2

  • JdbcTemplate
    convenience methods, taking prepared
    statement arguments as Object array

  • support for
    custom RMI socket factories and
    additional RMI invocation parameters

  • PreferencesPlaceholderConfigurer,
    placeholders via J2SE 1.4 Preferences

  • optional "type"
    attribute for "constructor-arg" tag
    in XML bean definitions

  • revised
    BeanFactoryLocator implementations

  • simplified AOP
    Advisor interface hierarchy

  • revised
    DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer implementation

  • extended mapping
    configuration options in

  • metadata support
    uses latest Commons Attributes

  • VelocityView
    supports Velocity Tools 1.1

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