Spring ActionScript 1.0 is Now Available

Dear community,

We’re pleased to announce that Spring ActionScript 1.0 is now available.

Download | API Documentation | HTML Docs | Changelog

Spring ActionScript is an offshoot of the Java Spring Framework written in ActionScript 3.0. The framework contains the following core features:

  • Inversion of Control container, configurable with XML or MXML
  • EventBus supporting loose communication between application components
  • Metadata/annotation processing used for autowiring, event handling, ...
  • Operation, Command and Task API
  • Utilities for abstracting server communication
  • Support for Modules
  • Extensions for the Cairngorm and PureMVC frameworks
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Spring Web Flow 2.2.0.RC1 is available

Building on the JSF 2 support in M1 this release features:

  • JSF 2 Spring Travel sample built with PrimeFaces components.
  • A Facelets tag library for the popular Spring Security framework including an <authorize> tag and several EL functions.
  • A working Portlet 2.0 and JSF 1.2 sample that builds on Web Flow's own Portlet support (i.e. without any Portlet Bridge for JSF dependencies).
  • Spring JavaScript jar split into two artifacts: one for Java and one for non-Java resources (css, .js).
  • Upgarde to dojo 1.5 and inclusion of dojox in the bundled custom build.
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Mixing RabbitMQ with Spring Python

RabbitMQ is a powerful messaging broker based on the Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP). In an earlier post, we looked into building a Python stock ticker program. We compared using RabbitMQ’s pika with py-amqplib, and how it was easy to transition from one to the other with minimal changes.

In this article, we’ll show how pika can easily be used by Spring Python. Spring Python is an implementation of the concepts of Spring with the language of Python. It includes many features such as dependency injection. If we choose to build a Spring-like application in Python, it is easy to utilize pika.

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SpringSource dm Server 2.0.3 Released

SpringSource dm Server 2.0.3 is available for download. This purpose of this release is to fix a severe problem on Windows when the root logging level is configured to “debug”. This bug was reported and fixed in Virgo and then backported for existing customers since Virgo has not yet shipped its baseline release (planned for 4Q10).

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Announcing GORM for Redis

One of the major movements inspired by the rise of the cloud platform is the growing interest in alternative storage techniques to traditional relational databases. One such storage mechanism is Redis, a high performance key/value store that is playing an important part in future cloud infrastructure.

There has been a lot of interest in Redis within the Grails community and hot on the heels of the Redis 2.0.0 release we are pleased to announce the availability of GORM for Redis Milestone 1.

What is GORM for Redis? Quite simply it allows Grails developers used to the convenience of features such as dynamic finders, criteria and named queries to take advantage of Redis as their underlying store instead of Hibernate.

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Virgo milestone 4 ships

Virgo milestone 2.1.0.M04-incubation is available for download.


  • Bug 323609 fixed: severe logging performance issue under Windows in certain scenarios

  • OSGi extensions change in preparation for Equinox 3.6 upgrade contributed by Hristo Illiev

  • New testcases and test coverage improvements contributed by Olivier Girardot

  • Support new framework property org.eclipse.virgo.suppress.heap.dumps and document it in User Guide

  • Unused EquinoxConsoleManager deleted

  • Various build and test improvements

See the bug list for more details.

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VMware vFabric Powers Cloud Application Platform Vision

At this year’s VMworld, VMware is unveiling our vision for enabling IT as a Service. Today’s announcement outlines the three major layers of the IT stack that we feel are critical to delivering IT as a service—cloud infrastructure and management, cloud application platform, and end user computing—and lays out our roadmap for addressing it. Spring developer technologies and SpringSource middleware play a key role in our vision, and we believe we are opening exciting new opportunities to our community.

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RabbitMQ 2.0 is Now Available

Great news for everyone interested in advanced, scalable, enterprise and cloud messaging! The RabbitMQ team has just released a brand new version, RabbitMQ 2.0, of their popular messaging server. The release includes an all new scalable storage engine, native support for multi-protocol messaging, improvements to plugin distribution and much more.

Download | Documentation | Release Notes | Blog

Spring Community members can use the new Spring AMQP project for both Java and .NET connectivity to RabbitMQ. RabbitMQ and Spring AMQP will be among the incredible technical content featured at SpringOne 2GX 2010 in Chicago, October 19th-21st. Be sure to register now to lock in an early registration discount.

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The future of functional web testing?

The Groovy community is a productive bunch, which means there are a plethora of frameworks, libraries, and tools to make your life easier. The area of testing seems to be particularly fertile ground and I’ve recently been looking into a couple of tools that, when combined, promise a step change in your productivity when writing functional web tests.

Although my usual focus is Grails, you don’t have to use Grails to reap the benefits of these tools: they will work with any web application and will integrate well with any Java-based project/build. As it happens they both have associated plugins that make using them from Grails pretty straightforward.

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