Spring IDE 1.2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring IDE v1.2.1 has been released.

Version 1.2.1 is a bugfix release with a few enhancements. For a complete list of bugfixes and enhancements included visit


  • Updated to Spring 1.2.2
  • Graph reopens after Eclipse has been restarted
  • Graph shows dependencies for interceptors and lookup-methods
  • Validator handles lookup-methods and list of interceptor names in ProxyFactoryBean
More details are available from the project’s site

This release is available from the project’s Eclipse update site

For bug reports tickets can be opened via 
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Spring Framework 1.2.2 Released

We’re pleased to announce that Spring 1.2.2 has just been released.
This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release. It also provides a
unified basis for the upcoming Spring WebFlow release candidate.

Besides refinements in the JTA transaction synchronization and
SQLException translation, this release introduces a variety of internal
refactorings and new helper classes. Furthermore, support for JDK 1.5’s
XML-based properties format has been added to all relevant Spring

We have also extended our reference documentation in various areas.
Most importantly, it covers JDO, TopLink, OJB, and JCA CCI now.

For complete details on changes and bug fixes, please see the change log.

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Spring Framework 1.2.1 Released

We’re pleased to announce that Spring 1.2.1 has just been released.
This is a bugfix and refinement release, addressing a number of issues
found in 1.2 final.

Furthermore, the PetClinic sample has been updated to
serve as showcase for JMX export: the JDBC version exposes a cache
refresh operation and a call monitor via JMX now.

We’d like to
encourage all Spring 1.2 RC/final users to upgrade to Spring 1.2.1, in
particular if using the Hibernate3 integration.

For complete details on changes and bug fixes, please see the change log.

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Spring Web Flow PR3 Released

Spring Web Flow PR3 has been released. Here’s Keith’s mailing list announcement: 


Dear Spring Community,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Web Flow Preview 3.  This is a major new release with a substantial number of new features: both in terms of power and convenience.  This release is considered stable for development use.

To download, access:

Note: there are a few incompatible changes between PR2 and PR3.  For a listing and a porting guide, access the change log here:

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Spring IDE WebFlow Support Preview Release 1

Christian Dupuis has announced a new preview version of the
Eclipse-based Spring-IDE which has graphical editor support for Spring
Web Flow.

Here’s Christian’s announcement from the mailing list:


Dear Spring Community,

We have just released the first preview version of the Spring IDE WebFlow support. Please use this release to give us feedback.


* Full featured graphical editor for String WebFlow Xml  configurations files.

   - Support for latest Spring WebFlow PR 3 features

   - Drag’n’Drop editing

   - Validation during edit

   - Print and Export (jpg and bmp) functionality

   - Automated lay outing of Spring WebFlow config file including connection routing

   - Side-by-side editing of the same configuration file in

     your favorite Xml Editor Plugin and in the WebFlow Editor

* Integration with Spring IDE Beans View and Beans Graph

   - Beans ConfigSet can be associated with a WebFlow ConfigSet for validation

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Spring IDE 1.2 released

Dear Spring Community,

We are pleased to announce that Spring IDE v1.2 has been released.

Version 1.2 is a port to Eclipse 3 with a bunch of bugfixes. For a complete list of bugfixes included


  • Ported to Eclipse 3.0

  • Added support for Eclipse 3.1M7

  • Updated to Spring v1.2

  • Refactored
    generic stuff (e.g. model, project nature + action, incremental project
    builder, …) into separate plugins
    (org.springframework.ide.eclipse.core and

  • add change notification and visitor support to generic model

  • beans model now extends generic model defined in new plugin org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.core

  • all jars moved from org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.core to new plugin org.springframework.ide.eclipse.core

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Spring Framework 1.2 Released

On this lucky Friday the 13th, we are pleased to announce that Spring 1.2 final has just been released.

(Thanks to Juergen for doing the packaging and his usual coding heroics). 

The major new features since 1.2 RC2 are:

  • TopLink support (for both TopLink 9.0.4 and 10.1.3)

  • JDO 2.0 support (tested against JPOX 1.1 beta 3)

  • Hibernate 3.0.3 support (aggressive release of Connections)

The overall major new features of Spring 1.2 are:

  • finer-grained distribution jar files

  • simplified XML bean definitions

  • JMX support

  • JDK 1.5 transaction annotation

  • support for WebLogic JTA extensions

  • JDBC RowSet support

  • JCA CCI support

  • JDO2 support

  • Hibernate3 support

  • TopLink support

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Spring Modules 0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring Modules 0.1 has just been released.

Downloads can be found at:

This release includes:

  • Integration with HiveMind, allowing for HiveMind services to be exposed as Spring beans
  • Spring-style integration classes for JSR-94 rules engines such as Jess and Drools
  • Spring-style configuration for OSWorkflow
  • Integration classes for Commons Validator (taken from Spring sandbox)

The HiveMind and Commons Validator support classes
are considered to be stable and ready for use in production.
Modifications to the JavaScripthandling in Commons Validator will
appear in 0.2.

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Spring Framework 1.2RC2 Released

We’re pleased to announce that Spring 1.2 RC2 has just been released.

This release introduces one major new feature:

  • support for JCA’s Common Client Interface (CCI), including support for CCI local transactions

  • deprecated ListableBeanFactory’s getBeanDefinitionNames(type)", in favor of "getBeanNamesForType"

  • added "value"/"value-ref" shortcut attributes to XML "entry" tag for maps

  • added "alias" root element for XML bean definition files, for aliases for beans in other files

  • JdbcAccessor lazily initializes the SQLExceptionTranslator by default now

  • added further configuration options to LocalSessionFactoryBean for Hibernate3

  • added "defaultDestinationName" property to JmsTemplate, for a dynamic default destination

  • refined Resource support for compatibility with JDK 1.3’s classic VM and with JRockit’s jar paths

  • refactored static PathMatcher class into PathMatcher interface and AntPathMatcher implementation

  • added ConfigurableMimeFileTypeMap, with extensive MIME type mappings out-of-the-box

  • added "context.i18n" package, with LocaleContext abstraction and global LocaleContextHolder

  • DispatcherServlet exposes the current LocaleResolver through the global LocaleContextHolder

  • added RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor, logging remote calls and exceptions on the server

  • updated JasperReports support for JR 0.6.6, using JRDefaultCompiler as default report compiler

  • reworked AbstractJasperReportsView to work on JasperPrint instance rather than JasperReport instance

  • added support for reports with embedded SQL statements to AbstractJasperReportsView
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Spring Web Flow 2nd preview release is out

We are pleased to announce the 2nd preview release of Spring Web Flow
for use with the Spring 1.2 release path.  This
stable-for-development-use release offers the following major new

  • Pluggable flow execution storage strategies, with out-of-the-box continuations support.  This means:
    • You now have the option to persist an executing flow’s state to any backing data store, including the HttpSession (the default), a database, serialized files, etc.
    • You can select to use a continuations based storage strategy, turning Spring Web Flow into a continuation-driven system providing proper browser navigational button behavior (back, next, refresh, and new window.) You can also choose between client-side or server-side continuation storage.  GZIP compression of flow execution state is also supported.
  • Support for OGNL transition criteria, with a TransitionCriteriaCreator strategy for easily integrating other expression languages or custom transition expressions as needed.
  • Portlet support, with the samples (Phonebook) illustrating Spring Web Flow in a portlet environment.
  • Support for a ‘validatorMethod’ action state property, specifying a validation method to invoke, for use with a FormAction with a configured Validator instance (to support easy piecemeal validation within a wizard)
  • Support for JDK 1.3.
  • Samples (Phonebook) illustrating how to write integration tests to verify the expected behavior of your flows.
  • Samples (Birthdate) illustrating Struts integration.
  • A brand new sample app (Sell Item), illustrating a validating wizard using continuations (providing proper browser navigational button use!) and conditional transitions (using OGNL expressions!).
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