Method Injection

A couple of months ago, in the days before I had a blog, there was a discussion by Cedric and Bob about “Getter Injection.”

The basic concept is that the IoC container can override abstract or concrete methods on managed objects on deployment. The container is injecting a method, such as a getter method, rather than a reference or primitive as in Setter Injection. As it happened, I was already working on a container method override mechanism for Spring 1.1, which has since been released in Spring 1.1 RC1. It’s an interesting concept, and definitely part of a complete IoC container. However, I believe that the concept is more general and needs a more general name. Also, that it should only be used in a fairly narrow range of scenarios.

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Spring Framework 1.1 Release Candidate 1 Released

The Spring team are happy to announce the first release candidate of
Spring 1.1

New features and enhancements in Spring
1.1 RC1

  • IoC
    container supports Method
    Injection: the overriding of concrete or abstract methods, typically to
    look up a dependency managed by the container. This means even less
    need to implement Spring-specific interfaces such as BeanFactoryAware.

  • The
    IoC container can now obtain
    objects from static factory methods as well as constructors. This
    enhancement allows excellent AspectJ integration: it is now possible to
    configure AspectJ aspects using Spring Dependency Injection, like any
    object. We plan to provide examples of AspectJ integration before 1.1

  • Support
    for sending and receiving
    JMS messages

  • Support
    for Apache OJB as an ORM
    alternative, within Spring’s consistent data access abstraction

  • Significantly
    improved JDO support

  • Greater
    flexibility in translating
    SQLExceptions, and other JDBC enhancements

  • Support
    for nested transactions and
    savepoints when working with JDBC. Declarative transaction management
    can support nested transactions.

  • AOP
    proxies are now serializable if
    all Advisors and target are serializable

  • Improved
    Velocity and FreeMarker

  • Reworked
    parent/child bean
    definition concept: a child can now override any inherited settings.
    This can be used to simplify configuration.

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Spring Framework 1.0.2 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring
Framework 1.0.2.

This release introduces a variety of enhancements throughout the
framework, plus some minor bugs fixes.

Among the enhancements in this
release are:

  • New
    "mock" source tree and
    "spring-mock" jar file, containing JNDI
    and Servlet API mocks for usage in applications 

  • CachedIntrospectionResults
    the JavaBeans Introspector cache
    for proper garbage collection on shutdown

  • Added
    ObjectFactory interface and
    for non-intrusive creation of prototype beans

  • AbstractXmlApplicationContext
    PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver for Ant-style config location

  • Added
    support for "xxx*" field
    patterns to BindException’s
    "getFieldErrors" and "getFieldError" methods

  • QuartzJobBean
    SchedulerContext entries as bean properties,
    just like it also does for JobDataMap entries

  • Added
    UserCredentialsDataSourceAdapter, for transparently appying
    username and password to target DataSource calls

  • Added
    RowMapperResultReader, to be
    used instead of a custom
    RowCallbackHandler when mapping rows to objects

  • Added
    AbstractLobStreamingResultSetExtractor and

  • Reworked
    "imagedb" sample app, with
    a redesigned implementation of
    the DefaultImageDatabase class

  • iBATIS
    SQL Maps 2.0 integration
    classes support per-SqlMapClient
    DataSource and lazy loading of paginated lists

  • DispatcherServlet
    ViewResolvers by type to allow for
    ViewResolver chaining (respecting order values)

  • added
    "doSubmitAction" template
    method to SimpleFormController, for
    submit actions without caring about ModelAndView

  • AbstractWizardFormController
    optionally supports "_page" request
    parameter, for proper handling of back button usage

  • Added
    support for
    "*"/"person.address.*"-style field
    patterns to BindTag’s "path" attribute

  • Added
    DelegatingRequestProcessor and
    DelegatingTilesRequestProcessor as alternatives to

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Spring Framework 1.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Spring
Framework 1.0.1.

This is a bugfix and minor enhancement release;

the most
important fixes and new features are:

  • added
    Struts ActionSupport and
    DispatchActionSupport base classes, for
    easy access to a Spring context

  • added
    Struts ContextLoaderPlugIn and
    superseding Don Brown’s Spring Struts Plugin

  • reworked
    class for Tiles to be compatible
    with both Struts 1.1 and Struts 1.2

  • fixed
    Hibernate/JTA synchronization
    cleanup in case of Hibernate
    flushing failure on commit

  • added
    support for transaction-scoped
    Hibernate Sessions with plain JTA
    or EJB CMT, without JtaTransactionManager

  • fixed
    JdbcTemplate’s "queryForList"
    to correctly handle a single row
    with a single column as result

  • XmlApplicationContexts
    support file
    patterns as config locations (e.g.

  • SQLErrorCodesFactory
    caches database
    product name to avoid unnecessary
    metadata lookups

  • factored
    out message code resolution
    into MessageCodesResolver

  • refined
    internals of the AOP
    framework, for clearer subpackage

  • refined
    support for array/List/Map
    properties in BeanWrapperImpl

  • refined
    internals, for clearer handling of

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Spring Framework 1.0 Final Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring
Framework 1.0 final

has just been released.


  • the most sophisticated lightweight
    container available today, with various flavors of setter and
    constructor injection

  • AOP interception framework based on
    the AOP Alliance interfaces, integrated with the core container

  • JNDI support classes, allowing for
    easy wiring of Spring-managed beans with JNDI-located objects

  • application context concept,
    providing resource loading and message access abstractions

  • generic transaction management with
    pluggable strategies, supporting declarative and programmatic

  • support for source-level metadata,
    with Commons Attributes as default implementation (e.g. for transaction

  • generic DAO support, providing a
    generic data access exception hierarchy for use with any data access

  • JDBC abstraction that simplifies
    resource and error handling, also covering BLOB/CLOB support

  • Hibernate support, providing
    SessionFactory management and transaction-scoped ThreadLocal Sessions

  • support classes for JDO 1.0 and
    iBATIS SQL Maps 1.3/2.0, integrated with Spring’s transaction

  • mail sender abstraction, with
    special support for JavaMail including convenient handling of file

  • scheduling support for Quartz and
    Timer, making it easy to invoke methods of Spring-managed beans

  • remoting support for RMI, JAX-RPC
    and Caucho’s Hessian/Burlap, for easy exposure of Spring-managed beans

  • convenience classes for accessing
    and implementing EJBs, both local and remote

  • web application context, for
    loading a Spring application context in a web environment

  • flexible web MVC framework, built
    on strategy interfaces and integrated with various view technologies

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Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

We are pleased to announce that
Spring Framework 1.0 Release Candidate 2
has just been released. RC2 covers all features targeted for 1.0 final,
which should be released soon.

Changes since Release Candidate 1 include:

  • scheduling
    support via Quartz and Timer

  • support for the
    SqlMapClient API of iBATIS SQL Maps 2

  • JdbcTemplate
    convenience methods, taking prepared
    statement arguments as Object array

  • support for
    custom RMI socket factories and
    additional RMI invocation parameters

  • PreferencesPlaceholderConfigurer,
    placeholders via J2SE 1.4 Preferences

  • optional "type"
    attribute for "constructor-arg" tag
    in XML bean definitions

  • revised
    BeanFactoryLocator implementations

  • simplified AOP
    Advisor interface hierarchy

  • revised
    DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer implementation

  • extended mapping
    configuration options in

  • metadata support
    uses latest Commons Attributes

  • VelocityView
    supports Velocity Tools 1.1

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