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Spring Framework 5.2.3, 5.1.13, 5.0.16, and 4.3.26 releases

After unfavorable weather on Maven central caused service disruption much of today, skies have finally cleared up, and I am pleased to announce a full round of Spring Framework releases: the 5.2.3 release on the current production branch, along with maintenance branch releases 5.1.13, 5.0.16, and 4.3.26 with selected backports.

Please note that the 5.0.x and 4.3.x lines have reached the end of active maintenance, with just one final wrap-up release expected on each branch before the official EOL date at the end of this year. The 5.1.x line remains active but will be updated less frequently (~ once a quarter) than the 5.2.x line (~ every six weeks) throughout 2020. For more details, please check the 2020 Roadmap blog post. TL;DR: Please upgrade to 5.2+ at your earliest convenience!


Spring Data Neumann M1 released

On behalf of the Spring Data team, I’m happy to announce the first milestone of the Neumann release train. This release ships over 260 tickets fixed. The Neumann release train is planned to ship major driver upgrades. This initial milestone covers all of our major version increments and ships driver upgrades to Elasticsearch 7 and the DataStax Java driver 4.3 for Apache Cassandra.

The most important new features are:

  • Repository support for Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Upgrade to Cassandra Driver 4.
  • Upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.
  • Major refactoring of the Spring Data Elasticsearch Template API. Reactive client based on WebClient and reactive repository support.
  • Upgrade to Solr 8.4.
  • Upgrade to Geode 1.10.
  • Support for fully immutable types (setting properties via copy constructors).
  • Spring Data R2DBC is part of the Spring Data release train.

Spring Data Moore SR4 and Lovelace SR15 released

On behalf of the community, I’d like to announce that that Spring Data Moore SR4 and Lovelace SR15 are available now.

Moore SR4 ships with 59 tickets fixed and Lovelace SR15 ships with 34 tickets fixed. Both releases contain mostly bug fixes and dependency upgrades. Moore SR4 is built on top of the recently released Spring Framework 5.2.3 and will be picked up by Spring Boot 2.2.3 for easier consumption. Similarly, Lovelace SR15 uses Spring Framework 5.1.13 and will be included by Spring Boot 2.1.12 in the coming days.


This Week in Spring - January 14th, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! What a week! I have … nothing… happening this week! You know why? I had jury duty for which I was summonsed in mid-2019. I had to postpone it since I was on the road. I finally report to the court to serve as a juror for some trial unknown, this month, January 2020, and I was there… for maybe two hours. I was excused! You should definitely do your civic duty, of course. But, it was awesome to have it over and done within a few hours. I had blocked out the entire week, just in case. So, now I’m working on my Reactive Spring book, writing a ton of code to support improvements to the production pipeline of my podcast, and so much more.


Reactive BookStore Service Broker

Happy belated new year to the Spring community! As we start another amazing year of development and advancement within the Spring project ecosystem, I want to share with you an updated sample application that represents some of the progress we have made across the portfolio to support a Reactive programming model.

The BookStore Service Broker sample application has been updated to demonstrate the integration of several of the various Spring projects, including Spring Cloud Open Service Broker, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring HATEOAS, and of course Spring WebFlux and Spring Boot. All of these projects have GA versions that include Reactive support and are ready for production in your own applications and services.


Spring Integration AWS 2.3.1 & Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 2.0.1 Available

Dear Spring Community,

Today it’s my pleasure to announce patch releases of Spring Integration for Amazon Web Services extension version 2.3.1 and Spring Cloud Stream Binder for AWS Kinesis version 2.0.1.

These releases can be downloaded from Maven Central, JCenter, and our release repository:

compile "org.springframework.integration:spring-integration-aws:2.3.1.RELEASE"

If you don’t use Kinesis Binder. Or via Binder dependency:

compile ""

Spring Security 5.3.0.M1 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Security 5.3.0.M1! You can find the complete details in the release notes and the highlights below:


gh-7654 - Allow configuration of AuthenticationManager in saml2Login()
gh-7681 - Make Saml2Authentication serializable

OAuth 2.0

gh-5385 - Resource server support for multiple trusted JWT access token issuers
gh-7569 - Reactive implementation of AuthorizedClientServiceOAuth2AuthorizedClientManager
gh-7592 - Add OidcIdToken.Builder
gh-7593 - Add OidcUserInfo.Builder

This Week in Spring - 9th Anniversary Edition - January 7, 2020

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This is also the 9th anniversary of the This Week in Spring blog series. I started it the first Tuesday after the new year in January 2011. NINE years is a long time, and it’s been - and continues to be - a ton of fun.

I’ve never missed an installment - every Tuesday for almost a decade, come heck or high water - I get this done. It’s always on Tuesday, my time - whatever time that is. If I’m in Tokyo or Shanghai or Sydney then the installment may very well post sometime in most people’s Monday, or if I’m in California or Hawaii or South America, then it might be posted sometime early into most people’s Wednesday. But it’s always my Tuesday. Some times, I’ve had to cheat and apply the Hawaii rule: it’s still Tuesday if it’s still Tuesday in Hawaii! But, it’s always Tuesday. Things have gotten easier for me. Nowadays, plenty of airplanes have Wi-Fi. And, our blog software now supports scheduled posts. So, almost no reason I should ever miss an installment unless I’m very busy.


A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Boot and Spring Cloud co-founder Dr. Dave Syer

Hi, Spring fans! In this episode, Josh Long talks to the one, the only, the inimitable, the amazing, his hero, the good Dr. Dave Syer, Spring Framework committer, former Spring Batch lead, former Spring Security OAuth lead, co-founder of both Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, etc. Statistically, if you’re using Spring today, you’re probably using code he wrote. This episode was recorded at SpringOne Platform 2019. Happy new year, and enjoy!