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This Week in Spring - July 17th, 2018

Hi Spring fans and welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! Can you believe we’re already midway through the year?? Stunning.

This week I’m in San Francisco preparing for a video shoot next week and a joint presentatio with Google’s Ray Tsang at next week’s Google NEXT and tomorrow it’s off to Portland, OR, for the epic OSCON event where I’ll be doing a book signing at the O’Reilly booth on Wednesday and I’ll be doing a talk, Reactive Spring, on thursday. As usual, if you’re in the region and want to chat or grab a Voodoo doughnut, don’t hesitate to say hi!


Spring Batch 4.1.0.M2 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring Batch 4.1.0.M2 is now available on Github and the Pivotal download repository. Many thanks to all of those who contributed to this release!

What’s new?

Here are the highlights of this release:

  • Simplify remote partitioning
  • Add a new JSON item writer
  • Add support for validating items with the Bean Validation API

Simplify remote partitioning

In the 4.1.0.M1 release, we created new APIs to simplify the configuration of a remote chunking step. In this milestone, we continued this effort to simplify remote partitioning through two new builders: RemotePartitioningMasterStepBuilder and RemotePartitioningWorkerStepBuilder.


Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 M2 released

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the release of 1.6 M2. Follow the Getting Started guides for Local Server, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

Here are the highlights

  • Task Scheduling on PCF

  • Angluar 6 update

  • App Hosting Tool

Task Scheduling on PCF

We are happy to introduce the native integration of PCF Scheduler in the SCDF for Cloud Foundry implementation!

A typical workflow for batch data processing involves scheduling batch applications. For example, the scheduler system accepts a cron expression and launches the application whenever the expression matches the current time.

Data Flow provides the ability to schedule and unschedule a task definition. The schedule is based on a cron expression. Building upon the PCF Java Client the team has created a portable scheduler interface in the Spring Cloud Scheduler SPI project (Service Provider Interface) and an implementation for PCF, Spring Cloud Scheduler for Cloud Foundry. The Dashboard provides access to schedule and unschedule a task as shown in the screenshot below.

Create Schedule
List and Delete Schedules

Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst.SR1 Released

On behalf of the team, I am pleased to announce the availability of Spring Cloud Stream Elmhurst.SR1 release train. This is the first maintenance release on the Elmhurst line and includes several bug fixes and minor enhancements in core Spring Cloud Stream (2.0.1.RELEASE), Kafka binder (2.0.1.RELEASE), and the Rabbit binder (2.0.1.RELEASE). Please take a look at the release notes for more details. The release can be found in maven central. Detailed descriptions can be found in the reference documentation.


This Week in Spring - July 10th, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m in sunny (warm!) Los Angeles for the epic SpringOne Tour Los Angeles event and then it’s off to Boston for meetings. We’ve got a lot to cover, as usual, so let’s get to it!


Spring Cloud Data Flow 1.6 M1 and 1.5.2 released

The Spring Cloud Data Flow team is pleased to announce the 1.6 M1 release and 1.5.2 release.

For 1.6 M1, follow the Getting Started guides for Local Server, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

For 1.5.2, follow the Getting Started guides for Local Server, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes.

Areas of improvement for 1.6 M1:

  • DSL and deployment property parsing

  • Task Execution status

  • Composed Task Runner security

  • Dashboard

  • Kubernetes deployments

DSL and deployment property parsing

Launching Tasks with custom arguments is a great approach to influence the Task application with differing behaviors at runtime. Imagine influencing the batch-job (running as a Task) that accepts timezone as an argument to perform timezone specific data processing. In this release, we have adapted the parsing logic to include key-value pairs as values. Thanks to the community for reporting, giving us feedback, and sharing of their use-cases.

While reviewing the parsing rules for in-line vs. property files based properties for stream and task definitions, the community has found a difference in behavior, and that we have documented it for general guidance.


Spring Tool Suite 3.9.5 released

Dear Spring Community,

I am happy to announce the 3.9.5 release of the Spring Tool Suite, our Eclipse-based tooling.

Highlights from this release include:

  • updated to Eclipse Photon release, including support for JDK 9/10, performance improvements, and more.
  • Pivotal tc Server updated to 4.0.1
  • various bug fixes

To download the distributions, please go visit:

Detailed new and noteworthy notes can be found here: STS 3.9.5 New & Noteworthy.

STS 3.9.6 is scheduled to be released on top of Eclipse 2018-09 in late September 2018.


Spring Social End of Life Announcement

Today it is with an optimistic look to the future that I am announcing the end of life for Spring Social, a project that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past eight years.

With the release of Spring Security 5, much of the functionality offered by Spring Social’s connection framework—which I consider the most valuable piece of Spring Social—is now part of Spring Security. In fact, I shared how to use Spring Security’s new support for client-side OAuth2 in a blog article from back in March. And as Spring Security continues to evolve its client-side OAuth support, Spring Social’s connection framework will continue to become more unnecessary. It simply no longer makes sense to have Spring’s OAuth story spread across so many projects—it’s time for a single cohesive OAuth story for Spring developers.


This Week in Spring - July 3rd, 2018

Hi Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week I’m fresh of the amazing Spring Connect São Paulo event and speaking with some customers, and now I’m in beautiful Rio de Janeiro soaking up the winter rays by he beach, connecting with people in the community, and delivering a (virtual!) 2 day live training course for O’Reilly on building cloud-native Java-based applications. In less than two days I’ll be home for the first time in almost a month to celebrate the 4th of July. If you’re in America, let me be the first to wish you a happy holiday. As usual, we’ve got a ton of things to dive into so I’ll leave you to it. Let’s get going.