This Week in Spring - May 24th, 2016

Welcome to another installation of This Week in Spring! This week’s already off to a crazy start. Sunday evening I returned from Kiev, Ukraine, where I spoke at JEEConf. Yesterday, Monday, I gave a talk with my friend Baruch from JFrog at yesterday’s JFrog Swampup conference event in Napa, California. Today I’m off to Denver, Colorado for Gluecon, and then off to GOTO Chicago in Chicago, Illinois and I’ll finish out the week in Washington DC for customer visits. I can’t wait to see you all along the way!

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Webinar: Understanding microservice latency: An introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

Speakers: Adrian Cole & Marcin Grzejszczak, Pivotal

Latency analysis is the act of blaming components for causing user perceptible delay. In today’s world of microservices, this can be tricky as requests can fan out across polyglot components and even data-centers. In many cases, the root source of latency isn’t a component, but rather a link between components. This session will overview how to debug latency problems, using call graphs created by Zipkin. We’ll use trace zipkin itself, setting up from scratch using docker.

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Spring Roo 2.0.0M2 released

On behalf on the Spring Roo team at DISID Corporation, I’m pleased to announce that Spring Roo 2.0.0.M2 has been released!

The main goal of this Spring Roo version was to update code generation to use latest Spring technologies:

  • Use Spring IO Platform to manage dependency versions and be able to use latest Spring technologies.
  • Update code generation to use the latest Spring framework versions (4.x)
  • Update code generation to include Spring Boot on generated projects.
  • Remove all generated configuration based on XML files and use Spring Boot auto-configuration.
  • Remove Active Record data model in favor of the Repository (Spring Data) based one.
  • Generate application architecture based on service layer pattern by default
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Webinar Replay: Data Microservices with Spring Cloud Data Flow

Speakers: Mark Fisher & Mark Pollack, Pivotal
The future of scalable data processing is microservices! Building on the ease of development and deployment provided by Spring Boot and the cloud native capabilities of Spring Cloud, the Spring Cloud Stream and Spring Cloud Task projects provide a simple and powerful framework for microservice stream and batch processing.
At a higher level of abstraction, Spring Cloud Data Flow is an integrated orchestration layer that provides a highly productive experience for deploying and managing sophisticated data pipelines consisting of standalone microservices. Streams and tasks are defined using a DSL abstraction and can be managed via shell and a web UI. Furthermore, a pluggable runtime SPI allows Spring Cloud Data Flow to coordinate these applications across a variety of distributed runtime platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Apache Mesos and Apache YARN.
During this webinar you’ll see an overview of Spring Cloud Data Flow, with live demos of streaming and batch apps, on different platforms ranging from local cluster to a remote Cloud to show the simplicity of the developer experience.

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This Week in Spring - May 17th, 2016

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! As I write this, I’m in Chennai, India, en route to Bangalore, India for a day of exciting customer meetings and then I’m off to sunny Barcelona, Spain, for the epic Spring IO event! Then, this Friday, I’m off to Kiev, Ukraine, for JEEConf. If you’re around, as always, don’t be shy and say hi!. That said, let’s get into it!

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Spring Boot 1.4.0.M3 Available Now

Spring Boot v1.4.0.M3 is available now from the Spring milestone repository. This release closes over 150 issues and introduces a number of new features.

Highlights include:

  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements over M2 (thanks to everyone for trying the milestones).
  • Convention based error pages (want a custom 404, just add src/main/resources/public/error/404.html).
  • Improved ErrorPage registration support.
  • Support for pluggable OAuth2 Principal extraction.

For a complete list of changes, and upgrade instructions, see the Spring Boot 1.4 Release Notes on the WIKI and the updated reference documentation.

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Spring LDAP 2.1.0 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring LDAP 2.1.0.RELEASE. The highlights of this release include:

  • #380 - Support for Spring Data Hopper
  • #384 - Early support for Spring IO Platform 2.1
  • #351 - Support for commons-pool2
  • #370 - Support property placeholders in XML Namespace
  • #392 - Document Testing Support
  • Migrated from JIRA to GitHub Issues
  • Added Gitter Chat

For complete details of 2.1 refer to the changelog for 2.1.0.RC1 and 2.1.0.RELEASE

Feedback Please

If you have feedback on this release, I encourage you to reach out via StackOverflow, GitHub Issues, or via the comments section. You can also ping me @rob_winch or Joe (our latest full time Spring Security team member) @joe_grandja on Twitter.

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Spring Integration 4.3.0 Release Candidate Available

I am pleased to announce the availability of Spring Integration 4.3.0.RC1 - the first (and final) release candidate; it is available from the spring milestone repo The GA release should follow shortly after the GA release of Spring Framework 4.3.

4.2.6.RELEASE is also available in the spring release repo as well as maven central. This release includes a few important bug fixes and all users are encouraged to upgrade to it.

4.3 is only a minor release with a few new features and improvements over 4.2 and will close out the 4.x line. Meanwhile we are looking forward to embrace the Reactive Foundation for the JVM in Spring Integration 5.0. We have yet to determine exactly what that means, so stay tuned! In addition, 5.0 (2017) will include the (currently separate) Spring Integration Java DSL.

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Spring Session 1.2.0 Released

On behalf of the community, I’m pleased to announce the release of Spring Session 1.2.0.RELEASE. This release evolved through 1.2.0 RC1, 1.2.0.RC2, 1.2.0.RC3, and 1.2.0.RELEASE closing over 60 issues.

What’s New in Spring Session 1.2.0

You can find highlights of what’s new in the What’s New in Spring Session 1.2.0 section of the reference. For details refer to the changlog links above.


Without the community we couldn’t be the successful project we are today. I’d like to thank everyone that created issues & provided feedback.

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