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Introducing GORM for Gemfire

One of the many reasons for the rise of NoSQL datastores is the need to scale applications beyond their traditional comfort zone in the relational world. The irony is that Gemfire has been doing exactly this long before the term NoSQL was even coined by providing scale to some of the largest financial organizations in the world.

Gemfire is far more than a cache, but a complete data fabric with support for Grid Computing, Map/Reduce, continuous queries and transactional write-behind.

For those of you who attended the keynote at the hugely successful SpringOne2GX conference this may be old news. For the rest today I am pleased to announce the availability of the GORM for Gemfire plugin for Grails.


SpringOne2GX 2010: Driving Java Innovation into the Cloud

We are currently celebrating our 6th SpringOne 2GX developer show—since last year, also a celebration of Groovy and Grails. As always, it’s great to hang out with the developer community that has made Spring the phenomenon it is. This year, we not only have record attendance (doubled over last year!) and a fantastic roster of partners (headed by Google, and Accenture), but an unusually large number of initiatives to share with our community.

With so many topics to discuss this could easily turn into the longest blog post in history. Instead, let’s address some of the highlights, focused around the continuing mission of Spring: Portability and Productivity through Innovation.


Spring 3 on a Java EE 6 server

Spring on Java EE 6 - a viable combination? Can you easily continue to use Spring when you have a Java EE 6 server to deploy to? At this year’s edition of the SpringOne conference which kicked off just a few hours ago, I’ll once again be presenting a session on Spring and EE 6: now with a focus on GlassFish 3 as an actually available (and at this point, still the only available) EE 6 server for production environments. As a sneak preview, here are four key considerations taken from that presentation…


SpringSource Tool Suite 2.5.0.RC1 released

SpringSource has just released a new milestone version of SpringSource Tool Suite: 2.5.0.RC1. STS provides the best Eclipse-powered development environment for building Spring and Grails powered enterprise applications.

The release comes only a few hours after we pushed Spring Roo 1.1.0.RC1. STS 2.5.0.RC1 certainly supports the new Roo version and comes with lots of improvements in the Roo and GWT support.

This is also the first time we are providing bundles based on Eclipse 3.6.1. If you aren’t quite ready to try the cutting edge milestone release, then you can always download the 2.3.2.RELEASE version.


VMware vFabric GemFire 6.5: modern data management for modern applications

Just some of the properties of new, modern applications are that they tend to be highly interactive, data rich, include business processes, and are available over the web from PCs and mobile devices. Powering these applications are platforms that leverage virtualized infrastructure, provide just the right amount of functionality and can scale easily as demand shifts.

VMware’s vFabric Cloud Application Platform is just such a platform designed to run Spring applications most efficiently and deliver the modern application experience. An essential component of this platform is vFabric GemFire. vFabric GemFire in-memory distributed data management brings data to applications with low latency, high reliability and linear, dynamic scalability. We are pleased to announce vFabric GemFire version 6.5.


Spring Web Flow 2.2.0 Released

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Spring Web Flow 2.2:

  • JSF 2 support
  • Spring Travel sample application built on JSF 2 and PrimeFaces components
  • Facelets tag library for Spring Security
  • dojo 1.5 and dojox
  • Two spring-js artifacts (spring-js and spring-js-resources)
  • Portlet 2.0 and JSF 1.2 support

Please check out the updated documentation and samples for details.

Download | What’s New | Changelog


Gemini Web Release Candidate

The first release candidate of the Gemini Web project is available for download. See the bug list for what’s changed since milestone 4. Thanks to Violeta Georgieva of SAP for her continued contributions.

The project is due for an Eclipse review on 20 October so that it can graduate from incubation and ship a 1.1.0 release by the end of October. The Virgo project, which depends on Gemini Web, should also graduate and ship its 2.1.0 release concurrently with Gemini Web.


New Spring Integration Samples

Based on your overwhelming requests for more Spring Integration samples and more usable structure we are pleased to make the following announcement:

Starting with the current release of Spring Integration the samples will no longer be included with Spring Integration distribution. Instead we’ve switched to a much simpler collaborative model that should promote better community participation and community contributions. Samples now have a dedicated Git SCM repository and a dedicated JIRA Issue Tracking system. Sample development will also have its own lifecycle which is not dependent on the lifecycle of the framework releases although the repository will still be tagged with each major release for compatibility reasons. The great benefit to the community is that we can now add more samples and make them available to you right away without waiting for the release of the framework. Having its own JIRA that is not tied up to the the actual framework is also a great benefit. You now have a dedicated place to suggest samples as well as report issues with existing samples. Or you may also want to submit a sample to us as an attachment through the JIRA and if we believe your sample adds value we would be more then glad to add it to our samples repository properly crediting the author.


Spring ActionScript 1.0 is Now Available

Dear community,

We’re pleased to announce that Spring ActionScript 1.0 is now available.

Download | API Documentation | HTML Docs | Changelog

Spring ActionScript is an offshoot of the Java Spring Framework written in ActionScript 3.0. The framework contains the following core features:

  • Inversion of Control container, configurable with XML or MXML
  • EventBus supporting loose communication between application components
  • Metadata/annotation processing used for autowiring, event handling, ...
  • Operation, Command and Task API
  • Utilities for abstracting server communication
  • Support for Modules
  • Extensions for the Cairngorm and PureMVC frameworks

Spring Web Flow 2.2.0.RC1 is available

Building on the JSF 2 support in M1 this release features:

  • JSF 2 Spring Travel sample built with PrimeFaces components.
  • A Facelets tag library for the popular Spring Security framework including an <authorize> tag and several EL functions.
  • A working Portlet 2.0 and JSF 1.2 sample that builds on Web Flow's own Portlet support (i.e. without any Portlet Bridge for JSF dependencies).
  • Spring JavaScript jar split into two artifacts: one for Java and one for non-Java resources (css, .js).
  • Upgarde to dojo 1.5 and inclusion of dojox in the bundled custom build.