Deploying GWT Applications in SpringSource dm Server - Part 1


This will be a series of 3 blogs describing a step-by-step approach to building and deploying GWT applications in the SpringSource dm Server™. The focus of the blogs will be as follows:

  1. Building and deploying the GWT StockWatcher sample app as a WAR file in dm Server, using the SpringSource Tool Suite to build it from scratch.

  2. Deploying with a “Shared Libraries” approach: How to remove the GWT dependencies from the WAR and deploy them as an OSGi bundle in dm Server.

  3. Deploying with a “Shared Services” approach: We convert the single WAR file into OSGi services which can be shared by other applications and hot-swapped out.

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Spring JavaConfig 1.0.0.M4 Released

Dear Spring Community,
We are pleased to announce that Spring JavaConfig 1.0.0.M4 is now available.
Download | Reference Docs | API Docs

Major Highlights

  • @AnnotationDrivenTx - support for declarative transaction management
  • @AnnotationDrivenConfig - support for @Autowired, @Resource, et al.
  • @ComponentScan - scan for @Component classes directly from JavaConfig
  • @AspectJAutoProxy - first-class support for @Aspect beans
  • @MBeanExport - first class support for exporting JMX MBeans
  • Complete PetClinic sample now available with distribution demonstrating use of JavaConfig
  • Improved support for externalized values with @ExternalValue and @PropertiesValueSource
  • @ImportXml - bootstrap Spring XML bean definitions from JavaConfig
  • Improved error handling
  • ... and dozens of other resolved issues
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Spring 2.5.6 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring 2.5.6 has been released.

Download | Support | Documentation | Changelog

This release primarily fixes some bugs and also adds some new features:

Please refer to the changelog for additional details.


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A Word About the Election

No, not the Obama/McCain smackdown on Nov 4. As you may have read in SD Times, SpringSource has been elected to the JCP Executive Committee for Java SE/EE, along with SAP, Ericsson, Nokia, Philips, and IBM. I will be the SpringSource representative.

Not that the JCP matches the scale of the presidential race. But this is an important moment for SpringSource, and one that reflects the years of hard work and leadership the entire team at SpringSource has provided in enterprise Java. More importantly, I believe that our election will help us to make Java stronger.

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Getting started with SpringSource dm Server

Updated 28-Oct-2008: Added up-to-date sample links and link to third sample

Last night I presented ‘Introduction to SpringSource dm Server’ at the Philadelphia Spring User’s Group. During this presentation I created a small application called GreenPages, demonstrating all the major aspects of dm Server. I promised the attendees that I would post the application and the slides here.

In the last few weeks since the GA release of dm Server many people have been asking about the best way to get started with dm Server, so I’m using this entry to collect all the relevant information together, including the Introduction to SpringSource dm Server presentation.

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Spring Batch 2.0 New Feature Rundown

In this article we outline the main themes of Spring Batch 2.0, and highlight the changes from 1.x. Development work on the new release is well underway, with an M2 release last week, and we are getting a lot of interest, so now seems like a good time to give a few pointers.

Spring Batch 2.0 Themes

The four main themes of the new release are

  • Java 5 and Spring 3.0

  • Non-sequential execution

  • Scalability

  • Configuration: annotations and XML namespace

There are no changes to the physical layout of the project in Spring Batch 2.0.0.M2 (same old downloads, same basic layout of Java packages). We have not removed any features, but we have taken the opportunity to revise a couple of APIs, and there are some minor changes for people updating projects from 1.x. Spring Batch is immature enough and we were adding some pretty big features, so we decided a major version change was a good opportunity to have a bit of a clean out. We don’t expect anyone to have any difficulty upgrading, and if you are an existing user this article will help you to get the measure of the changes.

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Understanding the OSGi uses Directive

If you build an application for the SpringSource dm Server, or any other OSGi platform, you’ll probably encounter the uses directive before long. Unless you have a clear understanding of the purpose of the directive, you won’t know when to code it and you’ll be left guessing when a bundle fails to resolve because of a uses conflict. This article should give you a thorough understanding of the uses directive, when to use it, and how to debug uses conflicts.

Bundle Resolution

OSGi is designed so that once bundles are ‘resolved’, you shouldn’t typically hit class cast exceptions and similar problems due to type mismatches. This is very important since OSGi uses a class loader for each bundle, so there is ample opportunity to expose users to various kinds of type mismatches.

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Spring.NET 1.2.0 RC1 Released

We are pleased to announce that Spring .NET 1.2.0 RC1 has been released.

Download | Support | Documentation | Changelog

This release contains the following features:

  • WCF Integration - Configure WCF services using dependency injection. Apply AOP advice to WCF services.

  • MSMQ integration - MSMQ helper classes to increase your productivity developing messaging applications. Provides integration with Spring’s transaction management features.

  • Apache ActiveMQ integration - Helper classes to increase your productivity developing messaging applications with ActiveMQ

  • Quartz integration - Configure Quartz jobs, schedulers,
    triggers using dependency injection. Convenience classes for implementing Quartz Jobs and integration with Spring’s transaction management features.

  • AOP New inheritance based AOP proxy generation.

  • Performance Improvements in WebForm dependency injection.

  • NHibernate 2.0.1 support.

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Spring Batch 2.0.0.M2 Released

Spring Batch 2.0.0.M2 is now available. See the Spring Batch downloads page for more information - there is the usual .zip download and also Maven artifacts in S3.

Most work in this release went into the chunk-oriented approach to processing, which means changes to the ItemReader and ItemWriter interfaces, plus the introduction of the ItemProcessor as a top-level concern for translating between input and output items. Chunk-oriented processing is a key enabler for performance and scalability, as well as being much clearer for users in the extension points and interfaces (no more framework callbacks in business code).

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